Virtual Employees Bring Relief From The Heat

Think about cumulative heat, how a mildly spicy dish can build to blistering chaos in the mouth.  

Stress operates similarly, building and building until we crave relief. Life occasionally serves up a hot dish, elevating our cortisol levels and blood pressure. When we reach the boiling point, we react emotionally out of distress rather than rationality. We’ve all experienced this situation and desire to avoid such a hot mess. 

So, what’s the best way to maintain composure? Well, it comes as no surprise: planning

The business planning process spans days, weeks, months, and years. However, owners/managers need to start on a grand scale. What are your long-term goals? What’s your destination? How do you define success? 

Once you establish these, every action within the company should align with the overarching goal. Planning involves setting up all actions to flow smoothly toward the intended destination. 

Are all departments and employees working in unison towards the objective? What obstacles might you encounter, and how will you respond when faced with problems? Are you effectively prioritizing tasks? Are your assessment tools accurate? Are employees motivated and continuously learning? Are you allocating work as efficiently as possible to maximize everyone’s output? 

In the business world, the checklists are constant, with numerous considerations. The “to-do” list can deliver a ghost-pepper punch. 

That’s why planning also includes delegation. The daily grind can become too overwhelming to handle without transferring some burdens. 

We aim to reduce the heat in your life and restore a sense of coolness. Do you have pending tasks that remain unfinished? Are there capable staff members tied up with mundane chores that hinder their productivity? What if you could delegate your least favorite or most time-consuming tasks to a qualified worker at a fraction of the cost of hiring another U.S. employee? 

As the summer passes and the business grind resumes, consider whether delegating more duties could provide relief. 

We provide full-time, qualified virtual employees from the Philippines to handle a wide range of office tasks for U.S. businesses at $9 an hour. The cost of living is significantly lower there, allowing you to leverage the hours worked in that market to save thousands of dollars annually. These savings can then be allocated toward other needs. 

Our hiring process is well-established. We collaborate with a reputable firm in the Philippines to ensure compliance with all Filipino regulations, mitigating the risks associated with attempting to hire independently from abroad. Although we receive an influx of applications, only one percent of the candidates make it through our rigorous vetting process, resulting in a successful placement rate of 98.7 percent. 

Not sure what a Virtual Employee can do? Here are 47 Tasks they can do. All you need to do is supply your email - 

After you review what they can do, we can explore ways to alleviate that pressure, reducing both your stress levels and costs. Let us serve you the business equivalent of a nice glass of milk to counteract all the heartburn a business can bring. Click here for a free consultation.

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