Want to Bring the Best People into Your Business?

Only when you’ve lived a little and seen both sides of humans, the good and the bad, can you genuinely appreciate a good-hearted person and what they can mean in your life. 


We all want this in our families. I’m fortunate to have a spouse who is rock solid. I wish for everyone to experience that sort of connection. I haven’t always had that in my life, and so I’m keenly aware of my good fortune. 


One of our company’s core values is “relationships.” I want the best relationships in all aspects of my life — connections built on trust, empathy, respect, and service. I seek this everywhere, personally and professionally. This desire is the basis of all my business decisions.  


That begins with our employees, who are HireSmart’s foundation. They work so hard and make me proud. I have a group of committed individuals in the Philippines and the U.S. who understand and live by our core values. 



Beyond Words: Turning Your Company’s Core Values into Daily Actions  



We also have an extensive network of clients who begin to feel like friends over time, not just business partners. We work diligently to find the best working relationships for our clients in the virtual realm, and we’re tops at linking U.S. businesses to professional Filipino virtual employees. We’re not just providing a business service; we’re creating new, positive relationships, which is the ultimate value in what we do. 


We work hard to make this happen, finding the top employees available and providing up-front training and a 40-hour certification process to ensure your new employee has the basics of what’s expected.  


“When I look at other (virtual employment) agencies that don’t have that training up front, they’re a little bit slower at picking up,” said Philessia, a customer care supervisor at a community association management agency, who employs 17 virtual employees through HireSmart. “They come in already with a bunch of information about what an HOA does, and that makes our training on our side a lot easier because they’re already familiar with some of the lingo and some of the practices and things like that.” 


We help you build new, quality working relationships with virtual employees, allowing you to scale your business, tackle more tasks, and reduce costs, with an hourly bill rate per employee of $9.50. We maintain a working relationship with our clients over time to ensure they get the service they need and expect.  



The Cost Benefits of Hiring Virtually   



I’m mindful of the skepticism you might have about hiring globally. It’s daunting at first. It was for me nearly a decade ago when I started. But I’ve worked nonstop over the past 10 years to get it right, including developing an exhaustive vetting process. We talk to you about specific tasks you need handled, and then we search for potential employees with the skillset and personality to match your needs. At the end of our search, we bring you three qualified candidates to interview. There’s no “next-one-in-the-queue” assembly-line hiring with us. Each hire is specially made. That’s why we have a successful placement rate of over 96 percent. 



Check Out Our Hiring Process   



Since costs are low, our clients can hire virtual teams, replacing one in-office hire with two or three virtual staff members, giving owners and managers flexibility in allocating work. This sort of strategic staffing pays off for our clients.  


Tony, a maintenance coordinator for a property management firm, works with five HireSmart VEs in his department.  


“They’re all very sweet, very nice, very caring,” he said. “They care about their work product. They are hardworking, smart, diligent. They want to do good for us all the time. And they do. I absolutely love those girls, and I think they’re all amazing.”  


When you work with us, please know that we aim to bring you the best in people. We do exhaustive homework to make that happen. Life is all about relationships. Business, too. That’s why “relationships” are a company’s core value. We want you to feel a connection. We want you to be enriched, not just financially but also in the quality of your day-to-day interactions. We’re pros in this regard, and we’d love to prove that to you.  


If you’re interested in chatting, I’d love it. Click here to set up an appointment.  




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