Want To Turn ‘I’m Leaving’ Texts Into ‘I’m On It’ Replies?

Have you gotten that “I’m leaving” call or text from an employee at the worst of times?

If so, I know your pain. I’ve been there. Employees have their goals and dreams, and they’re always hunting for the best option for themselves and their families, just like business owners.

When we run a business, we recognize a certain coming and going is inevitable. People may stay with us for a season, several years, or for a career.

There’s no use in living in fear about this. Instead, we must create a climate where most employees feel a career with us is their best option. I’m sure that’s on your mind with your staff. You want your employees to come to the office and know it’s the best place to be.

That’s HireSmart. And that’s what makes us different in the virtual employee (VE) world. We recognize the value of career development for our VEs. And because of this, they remain with us and with our U.S. clients. They come to the virtual “office” and know it’s the place to be, both with us and with you.

HireSmart is a destination, not a stepping-stone for our employees, who receive free health and dental benefits at no cost to our clients or workers. We provide educational scholarships to the children of our employees.


We help out our employees in times of need.



We provide opportunities for leadership training. We provide ongoing tips and support to both our VEs and our clients. We provide our Filipino employees with good wages in their market, where the cost of living is considerably lower.

Our clients are billed a low hourly rate per virtual employee, allowing them to scale their business while saving money in the process. They can do this knowing that their VEs are treated right.

We provide our VEs with perks and support but also demand a lot from them. They must meet our high standards, and only one percent of our applicants make the cut and work for U.S. clients. We only hire the best. This means we succeed in setting you up with a quality virtual employee.

To ensure safety, we conduct national criminal background checks on all virtual employees. We put applicants through an extensive testing and interview process. And then, we provide clients with three potential employees for an interview.

Once the client chooses an employee, the potential hire then spends a week going through our certification process, where our CEO and live trainers educate the employee about the job and duties they’ll have. About 8 percent of our potential employees fail to complete rigorous certification training.

Ultimately, after our process, I know an employee is worthy of working for me. That’s the final test: Would I hire them? If that answer is anything but a “Yes,” they’ll never work for you.

Part of that is also for me. I want to shower our VEs with good things. But I need to know they deserve it. And honestly, I’m pretty good at determining if they are. I’ve spent years developing my “Anne-alytics.”

If you work with us, you can use our virtual employees to lessen the burden on your best in-office staff. Do they have tasks that are burning them out? Do they have duties that are hindering their most important work?

Our VEs can help you retain your most essential workers by making their lives more satisfying, freeing them up to do their most meaningful work. This helps you create the best possible environment for your team.

And this means fewer stress-inducing “I’m leaving” calls, texts, or emails.

They’re replaced with “I’m on it.”

I like the sound of that. Don’t you?

If you’re interested in creating a less stressful and more productive work environment, click https://hiresmart.as.me/Discover to schedule a free consult with me.

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