When It Comes To Time Management, Embrace Being 'Chunky'

We think of "chunky" as it relates to weight, which isn't a nice thing to call someone. But let me give you a new, positive connotation for the word. Recognize that you're healthiest when you're "chunky" in time management. 


We all need starts and finishes, even if we are on one long road that seems endless. A beginning brings freshness, a new challenge, and a sense of difference, while an ending allows us to grab a moment of accomplishment and shift focus from one mental journey to another. 


Being "chunky" in time management regularly brings both opportunities — new starts and finishes. I'm a perpetual planner, and I set calendars far in advance. I'm thinking of spring cleaning at the moment — packing away winter hues in the wardrobe in favor of spring wear. 


I'm doing this with work, too. HireSmart is in our 90-day spring sprint now. We've packed away our winter objectives and now enjoy a fresh start on our spring missions. Yes, we have day-to-day responsibilities that are always there, but a quarterly objective allows you to address a goal with an intense burst of energy in a needed direction. 


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For instance, a spring quarterly mission for a community association manager might focus on boosting resident engagement and connection. People tend to spend more time outdoors in the spring. Days are longer, and it's an ideal time for a community event, beautification endeavor, or walkability enhancement project. 


But what do residents want? As people walk through their community, what do they see? While you always want community input, spring is a prime time for heavy solicitation of residents' perspectives. You could enter a 90-day spring sprint to gather feedback from the community on aesthetics, safety, and event preferences, then create a resident feedback report for the HOA for summer consideration. 


The following quarter, you may sprint toward improved educational resources for all of your residents and HOA, or upgrading maintenance protocols, or any number of issues. 


But when do you have the time? You have two hands, not four. "If only I had some help, I'd be just fine." We all know that feeling. We're too swamped in reactive mode to even look in the proactive direction. 


The Catch-22 is that the more proactive you are, the less "hot-mess" reactive you'll be. 


Well, that's where chunking helps. And at HireSmart, we're pros at proactive "chunking." We help business owners and managers shift chunks of time-consuming tasks to quality employees in the Philippines, a market with a far less expensive cost of living 


With us, you can find educated, thoughtful, skilled Filipino employees at a fraction of the cost of a local hire, meaning you can create a quarterly objective and put quality virtual employees on the task, or you may do the opposite, shifting some of the more routine day-to-day duties on VEs so you and other in-office staff can address objectives in your 90-day sprint. 


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I've been delighted watching hundreds of our clients find new time-management freedoms by working with our VEs, who are truly top-notch. There's so much I can tell you. I can brag for days on our VEs. 


But I prefer to let our clients do that. 


"She respects everyone she comes in contact with, clients and co-workers alike," said one property manager about her VE, Ina. "She always checks on her team and makes sure if there is something she can help with, and communicates what needs to be addressed. Along the lines of teamwork, her heart is in everything that she does and you can feel that with the relationship we have with her. She is amazing!" 


Our VEs enrich our clients' work lives and provide a connection across the globe they might not have otherwise. Our virtual employees make us proud, and we love the impact they have on others. 


We love supporting them with health and dental benefits at no cost to clients, educational scholarship opportunities for their children, and ongoing advice and support. We also have their backs when disaster strikes, such as providing financial assistance for 31 families after Typhoon Rai in 2021. 


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If you want to learn more about how VEs can help you manage your workload while saving you money, I'd love to chat with you. Click here to set up a time that works best for you. 


Oh, and remember that "chunky" is a great thing in time management. 


And, well, chocolate treats, too. Oof, don't get me started on desserts. OK, gotta go. 




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