Where is My Virtual Employee Located?

Is location important when hiring a Virtual Employee?

History has shown that when selecting to use a global workforce the virtual employee needs to have excellent verbal and written English skills and place a significant importance on higher education. The Philippines provides all of this which is why we source our staff and our client’s staff from there.

Early outsourcing models built overseas were cubicle farms crammed into an office building. They were established to save money, but were not seamless nor did they provide true service for the customer. Current virtual employee models provide seamless and transparent customer experiences, as if the person on the phone or computer was in the next town, yet they are halfway around the globe. Due to the technological advances that flattened the world, it is now making it possible to staff from the Philippines, where English is as common as it is in the United States.

At HireSmarterVirtualEmployees,  we provide staffing for your business with individuals that possess great English, as well as advanced degrees in Banking and Finance, Accounting and Business, Nursing, and many others. No matter the degree, the Filipino mindset is to work hard, work smart and please their manager. We have general Virtual Employees that have degrees in Nursing and Marine Biology that are some of the best at their jobs even though it isn’t in their field of study. They just care to work and work well.

Time zone differences and miles are not an obstacle for utilizing our virtual employees, Thereza, Mitch, Ro, Lori, Leslie, Dennis, Rachel, just to name a few – all work the US time zones which is the night shift in the Philippines. Most worked in US call centers supporting big name businesses like Verizon, Hewlett Packard, and other large companies. Part of the issues with these call centers is that contracts come and go and along with that the positions do as well. This makes for an unstable working environment.

However, traffic and a connection to family are the primary reasons that some have left going into these large call centers. Wanting steady full time work where they can make a difference, they each set up a complete office in their home to support businesses like yours and mine. Thus providing them with a better quality of life and a direct relationship with their clients.

Our staffing agency has a detailed checklist of the requirements that a Virtual Employee must meet in order to be considered for our clients. We check their computer infrastructure, their references, put them through a rigorous screening process, just so that we can be assured that the best VEs are available to our clients.

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