Why Hiring Virtually Isn’t An Alien Concept After All

We had six arms and three legs beneath oversized alien heads with eyes that blinked from the sides. At least that’s how it felt when Mark and I introduced HireSmart to our industry cohorts over eight years ago. The idea of hiring remotely made people look at us like we were creatures from another planet.  

But we knew we were on to something. Business owners needed help. We knew this because we managed our own businesses. We oversaw a property management business, a real estate team, and a coaching and training business. The work was relentless. There’s so much to do and too few people or funds to hire all the people we need.  

We also recognized the world had changed. The encyclopedia salesman joined the milkman at the bar of lost professions, a pub that suddenly lacked elbow room as the web exploded.   

But there were so many possibilities, right? A person in the Philippines was no longer separated from New York by 13 times zones of travel. A smart coworker in Manila could be two feet away on your screen, chatting with you in real time. Labor markets with drastically different currency values were suddenly linked in a virtual space.  

We saw the opportunity and jumped. There’s no shortage of talented people in countries with less valuable currencies than the dollar. And we set out to find them. 

That was over eight years ago. Now, if you attend industry events, like NARPM, the vendor room is full of businesses that have gone the route we did years ago. There’s an opportunity for small to mid-sized companies to hire office help from abroad, which boosts productivity while cutting costs.   

But there’s a real catch to hiring from abroad. You better be good at hiring the right people, which is all about the process.   

That’s where our company truly shines. We’re pros at the process. We’ve worked on our hiring strategy for nearly a decade and have a system that is unmatched. We run extensive background checks on prospective employees and put them through testing, several rounds of interviews, and extensive training to certify they are amazing. Only one percent of our applicants survive the cuts. We only choose those who genuinely have something to offer.  

We then present you with three potential employees to interview, and you choose the one that will best fit your company culture. We also maintain the relationship to make sure your hire is successfully on-boarded into your company. 

No, it’s not such an alien idea. Larger companies have been doing it for many years. It’s simply finding value where it exists. We’ve done the homework on that. Now we can give you the results.

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