Working With a Virtual Employee

We provide training & staffing from the Philippines – half way around the globe. They have the option to drive long distances to work in a US based companies call center sitting all night in their cubicle farm. Subject to the demand of the number of calls coming in, the work often times is not steady, nor full time.

As an alternative, they can work from their home office, full time, same hours, for our great clients, and have steady work.

For the steady full time work our virtual employees will work your US time zone, your business hours, Monday through Friday (even weekends if you need them) and don’t take off US federal holidays, so your office is always manned and email & calls dealt with timely. One client has their virtual employee work Tuesday through Saturday as they have heavy phone needs on Saturdays. The key is offering a position with a 40 hour work week, 12 months a year. Each client determines how they want to best work with their Virtual Employee for time off & we find that Easter Week and Christmas are general requests since they are big holidays in the Philippines.

Imagine… you can have staff to manage your phone and email while you are out building the business performing sales and marketing calls. Leads can be followed up in minutes, appointments set and entered onto your calendar and proposal packages prepared and placed into your files for printing, all done without your need to participate.

This is the value proposition that we offer. Allowing you to focus on those revenue-generating tasks that you like to do and allowing your virtual employee to assist you with tasks that are not as productive. Think about the top 3 things that you do that you either aren’t doing because there just isn’t enough time in the day, but should be doing to grow your business. I can almost guarantee that if you hired a Virtual Employee – you could significantly improve your quality of life and have more time to focus on revenue-generating tasks rather than the day to day operations of your business.

Want to start hiring a virtual employee for your business? Feel free to schedule an appointment with me today and I'll help you through the process.

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