5 Tips for Building Greater Connections with Your Staff

I always have fresh flowers. Yes, I'm bragging about my husband, who set up regular deliveries for me. I welcome the weekly arrival of fresh arrangements. He knows I love flowers, and he's that kind of guy. Yes, I'm lucky! 


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I'm thinking of April, the blooming of flowers, and the yearly promise of renewal that spring brings. I'm also thinking of how life is about connections and good relationships, which are all about mutual appreciation. 


That's personal and professional for me. I want that in all things — good connections. I want my employees to feel connected with us, the company's core values, and their inner values. That's how any organization shines — through its employees.  


Here are five tips on building a connected work environment: 


  1. Regular Gestures of Thoughtfulness: Small gestures of thoughtfulness can light up someone's day. Whether it's a kind note, a thoughtful gift, or a simple act of service, these gestures show that you care and appreciate the people around you. In the workplace, taking the time to acknowledge your team's efforts, celebrate their achievements, or even just checking in to see how they're doing can go a long way in developing a positive and supportive environment.


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  1. Open and Honest Communication: Open and honest communication is vital to building trust and understanding. Encourage transparency within your team, where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, and concerns. This builds an environment of trust and teamwork.


  1. Quality Time Together: Investing time in your team helps to build solid connections and camaraderie. Schedule regular team-building activities and meetings, and share experiences. Be curious about how your team members are doing. Ask questions that let them know you care about their well-being. 


  1. Recognition and Appreciation: Take the time to recognize and respect the efforts of your team members. Whether it's a public shout-out, a bonus, or a simple thank-you note, acknowledging their contributions boosts morale and motivation, creating a positive and rewarding work environment. Also, when you see them offer such gestures to their teammates, take note and praise them.


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  1. Empathy and Support: Just as partners support each other through thick and thin, being there for your team members during challenging times builds trust and loyalty. Show empathy and support when they face difficulties, whether work-related stress, personal struggles, or professional setbacks. Offer a listening ear, provide guidance, or offer resources to help them overcome obstacles and thrive.


At HireSmart, we focus on helping you create conditions for an efficient and happy staff. Think of all the tasks your employees have that are weighing them down, pulling them away from more vital needs, and burning them out. 


Hiring is Hard; Here's How We Help 


We connect high-quality, positive-attitude, motivated Filipino virtual employees to hundreds of U.S. businesses, helping those companies manage increased workloads while lowering costs and stress. 


We are the best in the business at recruiting, assessing, and training Filipino online office employees because we don't have a group of employees simply waiting in the "virtual queue" to fill a slot. No, we meet with you and learn about your specific needs. What is your ideal candidate for this position? 


After learning your values, we look for the person who matches that skill set and personality. We have a decade of experience in this industry and an over 96-percent placement rate, tops in the field. 


We find three candidates who we believe are best suited for that role; then you meet all three. You choose a candidate, and then we put them through a 40-hour training process to learn about your industry before onboarding with you. We continue to meet with you after onboarding to ensure any concerns are addressed. Your bill rate for that employee is $9.50 per hour, and you're getting top-notch office talent for that.  


We support that employee with free health and dental insurance at no expense to clients, and we also provide educational scholarships to the children of our employees. 


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If you want to build a greater connection with your staff this spring, consider relieving some of their office stresses by providing them assistance with the aid of our virtual employees. Click here to set up a time to chat with us. 


In the office, a helping hand can feel better than getting flowers. 


But hey, flowers are nice, right? 


So get outside this month and enjoy the colors — and the sun! Happy Spring! 



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