Bloom Where You Work: the Importance of Fun in the Office


Every child deserves fun. We want kids to laugh and play because a growing mind without delight is like a garden without flowers and bright colors. “Fun” is where kids bloom. 


I think of my grandchildren and their eyes of wonder. I hope they never lose the thrill of new things or the desire to explore. 


My hope for our employees is similar. I want them to be thrilled by new experiences and driven to explore and grow.  


So, how do we make work fun? Here are some tips: 


  • Build a Positive Environment: There’s not much fun in a negative environment. However, an atmosphere where employees feel valued and respected leads to connection, which brings fun. Encourage open communication and ensure that everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas and feedback. There are no “dumb” questions — only the ones that don’t get asked. We’re all at different places in our mental journey, so make sure everyone understands that their input is valuable.


How Do Your Employees Know They’re Valued? 


  •  Celebrate Personal Milestones: Everyone needs moments to feel special. Make sure to acknowledge significant events in employees’ personal lives, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, the birth of a child, or other notable occasions. This shows employees that they are valued not just as workers but as individuals, which boosts morale and job satisfaction.


  • Always Seek Feedback: Talk regularly with employees about their duties. What aspects have grown stale? What tasks are enjoyable? Look for ways to maximize their time in the preferable responsibilities and minimize the time in rote work. Every employee needs to feel challenged in a good way. You can’t know how your employees feel about their roles unless you get regular feedback. 


Improving Your Team Takes Some Self-Evaluation 


  • Build Recognition into Processes: Make sure “little wins” get their mini-victory parties. First, identify what constitutes a “little win” in your organization. This could range from meeting short-term goals, improving a small process, helping a colleague, or even maintaining consistent performance. Train and encourage supervisors to recognize and verbally acknowledge little wins as they occur. Share wins with the team and create a system where peers can easily recognize each other’s accomplishments.


  • Surprise Treats: Occasionally surprise employees with treats like snacks, lunches, or an early finish on a Friday. Be creative in imagining a “random good thing” you can give to employees. We all love feeling surprised in nice ways. These surprises can create a buzz of excitement in the workplace. The key is to keep these gestures unexpected and varied to maintain a sense of novelty.


Want to Become a Better Virtual Team Leader? 


We work with adults, not children. But it’s important to see the power of fun in the office. That’s where employees want to stay, and that’s where newcomers want to be. Every workplace develops a reputation, whether good or bad. And a “fun place to work” holds distinct value. 


At HireSmart, we work with business owners to reduce office stress and create a fun, fulfilling workplace. Our virtual employees bring skill and positivity to your team, allowing for a happier environment.  


“Fun” is where business blooms. And we want your staff to have an abundant garden in that way.  


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