Want to Become a Better Virtual Team Leader?

Effective virtual employee leadership is a hot topic as remote work transforms the business world.   


Many CEOs are working overtime trying to get their employees back into the physical office space using carrots, sticks, and everything else they can think of. 


At HireSmart, we say let the people work from wherever they want as long as they perform. 


Part of employee performance is individual responsibility from the worker, including all the traits and attributes we expect from our team members. 


The other part of employee performance is good and proper management. 


HireSmart has you covered on the employee side – we'll make sure you have high-quality, competent staff whenever you need them. 



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Here are some strategies for fostering successful virtual employee leadership that we've used or seen our clients use effectively. 


Cultivate Open Communication and Trust   


Running a team with members trusting each other is a sign of good management. 


A study published in the Journal of Business and Psychology emphasizes that establishing open communication and trust are pivotal factors in enhancing virtual team performance. 


As a leader, you want to actively encourage transparency, foster a culture of openness, and ensure team members feel comfortable sharing their ideas and concerns. 


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Utilize Technology for Seamless Collaboration   


Embracing tech is like breathing for managers, facilitating collaboration within virtual teams. 


A recent Harvard Business Review article mentions many studies showing that collaboration tools like video conferencing and project management platforms enhance team productivity and cohesion. 


We don't need Harvard to tell us this – at HireSmart, we've been promoting these technologies for years. 


Virtual team leaders should invest in robust technological infrastructure and provide training to employees to maximize the benefits of these tools. 


Set Clear Goals and Provide Regular Feedback   


A study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that practical goal-setting and performance management are critical components of successful virtual employee leadership. 


It found that (no surprise here) precise goal setting and frequent feedback significantly improve remote employee performance. 


Leaders should ensure team members have well-defined goals and use regular check-ins to provide constructive feedback and support. 



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Foster a Positive and Inclusive Virtual Work Culture   


Sometimes, I talk about this to the point of being annoying. But it's that important to have a successful virtual team. 


Creating a positive and inclusive work culture is instrumental in engaging virtual employees. 


Not long ago, I came across an article in Forbes recommending that leaders actively promote virtual team-building activities and celebrate diversity within the team. 


Even though we're not sharing the same physical space, we all want to feel like we belong. 


Cultivating that sense of belonging and camaraderie helps foster employee motivation and loyalty. 


Lead by Example and Empower Virtual Employees   


As a leader, you play a pivotal role in shaping your business culture and employee experience. 



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A study published in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies emphasizes the importance of leaders modeling desired behaviors and empowering their virtual teams. 


Encouraging autonomy, recognizing achievements, and showing genuine interest in employees' well-being are all crucial aspects of empowering virtual teams. 


As virtual teams continue to take over the modern workforce, mastering the art of virtual employee leadership is crucial for business success. 


Embracing the strategies discussed above will boost your team's productivity and performance. 


As you may know, HireSmart has been helping our clients become expert managers of virtual teams for many years. 


If you want access to our excellent employee registry and all the tips, tricks, and support to succeed in the virtual workplace, click here for a free consultation. 




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