Business Owners, Are You Struggling to Take a Break?

The HireSmart Genesis story is actually about a vacation nightmare. We finally managed to get our property management company into a state where we could step away. We booked the flights, packed the bags, said farewells, got to the resort, and then the text hit. 


For my husband and me, the short digital message arrived as a meteor strike, like something blazed through the sky to land right on our heads, creating an explosion and leaving chaos. 


Karen quit! No! 


That's who we left in charge, but now she was suddenly gone. All of our responsibilities crashed back on our shoulders. All of our planning was destroyed. Our vacation was ruined. 


But our smashed sandcastle of a vacation was the least of our worries. We felt exposed to our clients. We quickly scrambled to ensure every duty was met and every promise kept. We met our obligations, but the stress was immense. 


Never again! That was the vow. We were too reliant on one person. We realized we would never relax on a vacation if someone could do that to us again. We needed a team, not a Karen. 


7 Steps to Hiring Quality Staff   


But how could we afford a team? How could we stretch responsibilities across a network of people who provided insurance against the sudden absence of any individual? 


We realized we do most of the work on a computer or by phone, not onsite. We also saw that the internet links us from LA to Atlanta and from New York to Seattle, but it also ties us to Australia, Europe, Africa, and anywhere on the globe. 


The dollar is the strongest currency in the world. So, if we could find quality office employees in a country where the dollar has the most value, we could hire virtual employees with quality wages for their market while paying a lower cost than our local market rate. 


We extensively researched the best markets for virtual office employment and determined the Philippines provides the best option. With English as the official business language of the nation, a shared strong work ethic, and where "Bayanihan," the much-cherished Filipino spirit of solidarity, civic unity, and cooperation, is strong, the Philippines is the best option. 


Is Fear Holding You Back From Big Gains? 


We partnered with a Filipino agency to help us ensure we meet all laws and human resources obligations in the Philippines. We also added Theriza, our first Filipino virtual employee, who was wonderful! She helped our onsite staff immensely. We added more virtual employees. 


We wondered: Are there more Therizas? I was determined to find them. That became our new business. I would be the best around at finding each great hire, one by one, for other businesses, and I got really good at that. 


That was a decade ago, and we're thriving more than ever. An interesting fact also is Theriza still works with us. We have a very low attrition rate here because we treat our Virtual Employees well. We are the best in the business at locating quality Filipino virtual employees for various industries, with an over 98 percent successful placement rate. 


Anne Lackey's Company Offers a Unique Virtual Solution for Staffing Issues 


Think about that: 24 of 25 employees work out for our clients. Is that typical in an office? Would you feel good with a 96 percent hiring success rate in your office? Of course, if you're the one in 25, we will work with you on a solution. 


We also help our clients through the onboarding process, but before that, we put our virtual employees through a 40-hour certification process where they learn the terminology and basics of the client's industry. 


"I can walk away and know that our clients are in excellent hands with Abby at the helm," said one client about her virtual employee. "She even keeps the rest of our team in line making sure they get their jobs done on time and up to standards! She's a joy to work with and truly an incredible virtual employee!" 


We get that sort of feedback all the time, and it's such a blast. I love the connections I make between people who are far away geographically but are close in values and spirit. 


Our vacation meteor strike was the negative that launched a huge positive — hundreds of quality virtual relationships that wouldn't have otherwise happened. I love telling that lemons-to-lemonade story. 


And I want you to love your vacation — without meteor strikes! Enjoy life! Recharge, you absolutely need it! I'm serious. It's healthy to pull away at times. 


But when you step away, you need confidence in a quality team to relax. My job is helping other people find that relaxation. 


Let me know if you'd like me to help you. Click here to set up a chat at your convenience. 




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