Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone?

While I cherish the turkey and the camaraderie with loved ones, “Thanksgiving” signifies more than just a holiday. I want that spirit of gratitude and reflection every day, not just during that special November gathering.

Gratitude is a mindset, a way of framing the world within a bigger picture. No, I can’t have everything, and I could spend my life mindlessly pursuing every want without regard for anything else.

This would blind me to actual facts and all the good that’s there. The relentless pursuit of what’s out there can strip you of what’s already there. Ultimately, do you truly have something if you can’t recognize and appreciate that you have it?

For instance, once we feel secure about someone’s presence, we can sometimes dismiss them. Our brains tend to devalue what we have and overvalue what we don’t. We often can only appreciate what we have once we lose it. Ha, I’m hearing that 80s power ballad “Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone.”

But it’s true, right? It’s the worst feeling to realize you’ve been ignoring someone or something valuable until it’s no more.

Gratitude is the willful acknowledgment of the good that surrounds you, and it’s a mindfulness of sorts that keeps the ever-lurking darkness of self-pity at arm’s length. Such negative emotions are a drain on time and energy.

I want this awareness in all aspects of my life — business, too. I appreciate being able to own and operate a successful business. I’m grateful to have an extensive network of highly skilled, highly motivated people working with me to help other companies reach their potential.

I’m so thankful for the rich relationship we have with our many clients who are partners with us in this complex world. Our task? We help establish the best possible workflow environment so that both business and personal lives are enhanced to the highest degree.

I love this! I love talking with people daily, not just about business — and I have so much to say about that — but hearing about what they need to improve their situation and discussing all their options. Maybe it’s doing business with us, maybe not. But what are your options? I love walking through that journey with you. I’m grateful that my life involves so much of this.

Hiring is Hard; Here’s How We Help

Often, I hear from business owners and managers who are overwhelmed with duties and want to breathe easier. Or, they face a budget crunch that is stressing them out. They can’t afford more staff. They can only tackle some of the tasks on their plate, and they feel they’re underperforming as a result.

It’s satisfying to have an excellent answer for people in such a predicament. We have the best full-time virtual employees on the market. Hands down. Our Filipino virtual employees go through a rigorous vetting process that I oversee, and they can handle a wide range of tasks.

 Here are 47 tasks a virtual employee can handle for you:

Our employees receive health and dental benefits, educational scholarship opportunities for their children, leadership training opportunities, a work-from-home lifestyle, and competitive wages in their market.

I’m grateful for all the many moments — and there have been so many — where I get to see the stress lifted in a client’s countenance. It usually comes during follow-ups, when our virtual employees are already on their staff, and they see the enormity of the impact in terms of time and money saved, anxieties reduced, and good sleep renewed.

The Cost Benefits of Hiring Virtually

Here’s one of our clients, Abby Gill, Director of Operations at a Property Management Company, talking about the impact of having six HireSmart Virtual Employees on her staff.

“The fact that we have that much extra manpower to assist our business with phone calls, with email management, with vendor follow-up, with renter communication — all of those things play a huge part in our local team members and our management team being able to focus on other projects,” she said. “To really be able to delegate is a huge thing.”

I love bringing this satisfaction to our clients. And I appreciate you just listening to me today. Any writer knows to be thankful for every set of eyes who have followed the text to the end. And here you are! Thank you!

If you’re facing work stress, I’d love a good chat: absolutely no strings attached, just a talk about all available options. We are a “business success service,” and it’s always gratifying to help people be their best, whether in business or not.

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