HireSmart VE Shows ‘It’s All About Respect’


Frederick “Icko” Alday thinks of his late mom, Maria, every day and aims to live by the values she taught him. 


“I think my commitment to respect and service is influenced by the values instilled by my late mother, who passed in 2019,” said the HireSmart Filipino-based virtual employee. “My mother emphasized the profound impact of actions on others, and the importance of kindness. And that's what I apply to my daily life as a virtual employee here at HireSmart.” 


Icko, who serves as administrative support for a U.S. community association management client in Indiana, earned HireSmart Virtual Employees’ 2023 “Core Value Award for Respect.”  


Beyond Words: Turning Your Company’s Core Values into Daily Actions    


His client nominated Icko for the award, noting that he embodies all of HireSmart’s core values. 


“He is a hard worker, readily available, cares about others, is a team player and we are happy that he is part of our team!” the client said of Icko. “He is eager to help a customer. His responses are thoughtful and respectful even in difficult situations. He has exceeded expectations on numerous occasions. He has been fantastic to work with. You wouldn't even know he is not located right in our office with us.” 


Icko, who enjoys watching Netflix, spending time with his father and two brothers, and also keeping in shape, said he didn’t believe he had won the award, which was announced during HireSmart’s annual virtual employee Christmas party.  


When HireSmart CEO Anne Lackey read what his client wrote about him, Icko was moved. 


“I was really happy when she was reading it because it's a realization that at the end of the day, I'm helping somebody and someone appreciates what I do,” he said.  


There is No “Box” When Hiring in Today’s World 



Icko, who started with HireSmart in August 2020, said he always treats customers with courtesy and empathy, even when they may be upset. 


“I put myself into their shoes,” he said. “I think basically that's the foundation of my of my task, to be mindful and to show them value and respect.” 


Want More Shining Lights on Your Staff? 


Icko said he loves the support he receives both from his client and from HireSmart. He noted that HireSmart is always helpful if he needs assistance.  


“The staff members (at HireSmart) are very responsive, when I need some help. It's just one Skype message away, and they will respond,” he said, adding that HireSmart’s training was top-notch.  


“That help is the foundation of what I am right now as an effective virtual employee to the client,” he said.  


Icko urged his fellow VEs with HireSmart to always be empathetic and respect the urgency of their client’s messages. 


“I'd like to advise everyone that we need to prioritize the client's time considering that the client has a busy schedule and is striving to excel in their role,” he said. “And that means that we respond to them in a timely manner. We don't let them wait for another day. I think the customer would appreciate that as well. So we respect their time also.” 


HireSmart works diligently to locate and train thoughtful employees like Icko to serve their U.S. clients. Our process includes a 40-hour certification program, where employees who have been approved by a client receive an additional week of training to prepare them for onboarding. 


“Our certification process is our key to success,” said Anne. “It allows us to ensure they have the necessary skills and talent to serve our clients. We have live trainers, including myself, so we can easily evaluate their skills. We track our success and adapt as needed. If I wouldn’t hire a candidate for my company, they won’t be processed through to our clients.” 


To learn more about how HireSmart can help your team thrive, click here to schedule a free consultation at your convenience. 

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