Want More Shining Lights on Your Staff?


People always talk about weight loss resolutions after New Year's, but I'm more interested in hearing about other goals and perspectives, particularly from my employees.  


How do they feel about the past year? What were their highlights and their most significant achievements? What didn't go as they wanted? What's a skill they wish they had?  


We all get consumed in our busy lives — our avalanche of duties — and we can lose focus on our employees' outlook. If they manage responsibilities over the long haul without drama, we value that, right? That feels like dependability. You know what you're getting.  


But managerial apathy sets in if we slip into autopilot. That's why it's necessary to schedule times for reflection and input from staff. December is perfect for this because employees are preparing for the new calendar year and assessing their current situation. 


Here are some tips on how to set goals with employees and ensure they buy into the company and its aims over the next 12 months:  


  • Core Value Emphasis: What are your company's core values? At HireSmart, we have our "SMARTER" core values and are constantly talking with our employees about what these mean and why they're essential. Employees must understand that they work for a business with integrity and are expected to perform with such standards at heart. Good employees like to know they're part of a morally sound outfit. These values are the umbrella under which all company action happens. Anything not falling in line with those values doesn't need to happen. Let your employees know that you appreciate their attention to those values. Ask them to name their top company core value. This will give you some insight into how they think. 



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  • Mentorship: Look at your staff and ask: Who are my shining lights? Always be on the lookout for your established leaders and emerging ones. Consider who exemplifies the ideals and work ethic you most value and contemplate how you can develop them as mentors to other employees. Think of your upcoming "to-do" list. Where can you pair your best with your newbies? Let your shining lights know what you think of them, that you're proud of how they conduct themselves, and that you aim to have their good qualities rub off on others. Ask them for ideas on how to do this. Help those shining lights feel valued and inspired to spread their knowledge.



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  • Duty Checklist: Having an employee define their role to you may feel unnecessary, but it's an excellent annual practice: Hey, what do you see as your primary responsibilities here? What do you see as your top priorities in this role? Over time, a person can lose sight of their purpose in an organization or drift from the priorities you want them to hold. Have them define their role, then offer feedback on a realignment, if necessary, and the value of what they do. Remind them their responsibilities are vital to the company realizing its shared purpose. 



Tips on Communicating with Employees  



  • Personal Growth: Here's a big one. Think of yourself first. Think of how you want to improve your job and life over the next year. Make it something you're comfortable sharing. Let this employee hear it. Let them know you're not perfect, that you're always striving to improve, and that this is a core value you genuinely appreciate in others. Ask them what they wish to improve about themselves over the next year. Ask them to articulate a plan of action for that improvement. Contemplate what you can do to help them reach that goal. Is it training? What options are available? Think of how you can be involved in this goal, then be present as the months pass, checking in with the employees and considering how to support them. Make sure to be there, not just for the quick question but for the long-term answer.  



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I'd love to chat if you would like to talk about employee development and how we can help you find more shining lights. Click here to set up a time that's convenient for you.  


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