How Effective is Your Team? Are Their Skills in the Right Place?


I'm not a particularly fast typist, and this lack of speed proved a blessing in my life. 


In one of my first jobs, I was chosen for a front-desk position instead of the clerical spot I wanted because I couldn't meet the required word count per minute. 


This role assignment helped set my career path. Constant front-desk interaction sharpened my people skills and helped me realize I needed to work face-to-face with others, not sit in the back doing paperwork. Helping people directly is how I shine. 


A simple lesson stuck with me: Match the skill set to the position. 


Employees in your company work daily to meet a variety of needs. You hope all skills match perfectly with the tasks. But assuming this is true won't help your business. You need to know. 


Looking To Increase Your Bottom Line? 


I think of "spring cleaning" in April, not just in my personal life but in many professional ways. Spring is a great time to conduct an organizational structure cleanup. Are employee skills suitably matched to their tasks? 


Here are five steps to organizational structure assessments: 


  • Start with Clear Objectives: Before diving into the assessment, defining clear objectives is crucial. What do you aim to achieve through any reorganization? Are you looking to improve efficiency, enhance employee satisfaction, or adapt to new market challenges? Having well-defined goals will provide a roadmap for the process and help you make informed decisions. You want strategic moves toward long-term organizational success, not scattershot action.


  • Conduct a Thorough Skills Audit: A comprehensive skills audit is essential. This involves evaluating each employee's strengths and areas for improvement. The audit should not only focus on the current job requirements but also consider the potential future needs of the organization. By understanding the capabilities of your staff, you can identify gaps and mismatches between employees' skills and their current roles.


  • Learn From Employees: Effective communication is critical during reorganization. Engage with employees at all levels to understand their perspectives, aspirations, and concerns. Employees often have insights into their roles and workflows that management may overlook. Their input is essential in identifying areas for improvement.


Is Fear Holding You Back From Big Gains? 


  • Provide Training and Support: If you move some employees into new roles or responsibilities, you must support these transitions with appropriate training and resources. This might include professional development programs, mentoring, or on-the-job training. By investing in your employees' growth, you demonstrate a commitment to their personal development, which boosts morale and loyalty.


  • Monitor and Adapt: Recognize that the assessment and reorganization aren't one-time events but continuous processes. Set up mechanisms to regularly monitor and evaluate the impact of the changes. Are the objectives being met? How has the reorganization impacted productivity and employee satisfaction? Circumstances constantly evolve, and your organizational structure should be agile enough to adapt to new conditions.


At HireSmart, we serve as your reorganizational ally. If you conduct that skillset assessment in your business, you'll likely find employees bogged down with certain tasks that pull them from their strengths. 


Here are 47 tasks a virtual employee can handle for you 


Blowing up your office with a huge restructuring of job duties is probably not a sound move. Employees don't enjoy too much disruption of their expectations, but if you look closely at your team, you'll most likely identify time and task inefficiencies and wish for improvement. 


Our company helps you clean up those problems by taking time-consuming tasks off your plate and shifting them to high-quality, thoughtful office employees in the Philippines who must go through a rigorous qualifying process to work with you. 


We find your specific needs and search for an employee matching that skill set. You meet three qualified candidates, choose one, and then we train that employee for a week in the terminology and practices of your industry before they onboard with you. 


Our bill rate is $9.50 an hour for a full-time online office employee. For that cost, your virtual employee (VE) will receive free health and dental coverage at no cost to you, opportunities for HireSmart educational scholarships for their children at no cost to you, and ongoing support from our educational team. 


HireSmart Filipino Scholarships — Jonalyn's Story 


You'll also have our ongoing support. We work with you to ensure smooth onboarding and that the arrangement continues to help your business shine. 


Click here if you're interested in chatting with me about this at a convenient time.  


And hey, it took me a minute to type this, but I'm much faster than I used to be. Go Anne! 




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