Sick of Being Too Busy for a Break?

διακοπές — That's the Greek word for "vacation." And for several years, "vacation" was as unfamiliar to my husband and me as its Greek translation. 


As new business owners, we poured every moment into our entrepreneurial endeavors, forgoing our own paychecks to pay our employees, getting little sleep, and squeezing every little luxury out of our lives to make our businesses fly. 


This comes at a personal cost. 


You can't bring your best self to your work when you're perpetually exhausted, stressed, and spread thin. Your creativity suffers, your decision-making is impaired, and your ability to lead effectively diminishes. 


On the flip side, when you take time to rest, recharge, and gain perspective, you return to your business with renewed energy, fresh ideas, and a clearer sense of purpose. You're better equipped to tackle challenges, seize opportunities, and guide your team. 


But as business owners, unplugging can feel impossible. There's always one more email to answer, one more fire to put out. That's where having the right team and systems in place becomes critical. 


At HireSmart, we've seen firsthand how having skilled, reliable virtual employees (VEs) can be a game-changer for entrepreneurs looking to take real time off. Our VEs are carefully selected, rigorously trained, and deeply committed to our clients' success. 


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They're not just temporary stand-ins but integral team members who can keep operations running smoothly in your absence. Whether handling customer inquiries, managing projects, or keeping your social media presence active, VEs can give you the peace of mind to truly step away. 


But don't just take it from me. Here's what one of our clients, Iliahi, an operations manager at a vacation rental company, had to say: 


"They (the VEs) take a lot of the backend work away from us here on the front line," she said. "It kind of frees us up to be more hands-on here, and since they're on the computer all day, they're able to complete all those administrative tasks for us and free us up for more important things that we need to take care of." 


Imagine being able to take a vacation knowing your business is in capable hands, that essential tasks will get done, and that you won't come back to a mountain of catch-up work. That's the power of having a well-integrated VE team. 


The Costs of a High Turnover Rate 


But it's not just about covering for you while you're away. Having VEs can also help prevent the kind of chronic overwork that makes vacations feel impossible in the first place. You can create a more sustainable workload and rhythm by delegating regularly and strategically to your VE team. 


So, as you look ahead to the summer months, I encourage you to start planning for some real διακοπές — not a "workcation" where you're still tethered to your laptop, but a true break to rest, recharge, and come back to your business with renewed vitality. 


If you need help making that happen, we at HireSmart are here to help. Our VEs can provide the skilled support you need to confidently step away, knowing your business is in good hands. 


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Click here to schedule a conversation at your convenience. We'd love to learn about your unique needs and craft a plan to help you and your business thrive — no Greek required. 


To your well-deserved διακοπές. 




Anne + The HireSmart Team 


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