Want a Happier Office? Here's How to Have Some Fun

Wasn't that fun? 


Well, that's subjective, right? Some people enjoy a brutal roller coaster ride or two hours of a jump-scare horror flick, while such experiences are torture for others. The extrovert loves a party. The introvert can't wait for a pillow and a good book. 


How we laugh, play, and find fun varies greatly. Are you a thrill-seeker, a chill-seeker, or something in between? 


Most businesses include a mix of personality types, so bringing fun to the work environment requires thought about the people you want to engage. The best way to jazz things up is with variety, which gives different personality types the opportunity to find something appealing. 


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But how do you do this in a remote work setting? Well, here are a few ideas for fun in the virtual office: 


  • Virtual "Bring Your Pet to Work Day": Have a day where team members are encouraged to introduce their pets during video calls. This can be a fun and relaxing way to get to know each other better and break up the routine of regular meetings.


  • "Show and Tell" Sessions: Just like in school, have team members bring something interesting to show and talk about during a dedicated session. It could be a favorite book, a hobby, or even a family heirloom.


  • Language Exchange or Learning Groups: If your team is multicultural, organize a language exchange or offer virtual language learning sessions. This not only promotes personal growth but also celebrates cultural diversity within the team.


  • Shared Playlist Creation: Create a team playlist where everyone can add their favorite songs. This activity not only builds a sense of community but also provides a shared resource for everyone to enjoy during work or breaks.


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  • Rotating Virtual Lunch Dates: Randomly pair team members to have a virtual lunch together. This helps build new connections within the team, especially for larger organizations where employees may not interact regularly.


  • Personal Development Webinars: Host webinars or talks on topics of personal development, such as time management, personal branding, or even hobby-related skills like photography or creative writing.


  • DIY Home Office Show-and-Tell: Have a show-and-tell session where team members present their home office setups, offering tips and ideas for workspace optimization and personalization.


  • Interactive Webinars with Guest Speakers: Invite guest speakers from various fields to give interactive webinars. Topics can range from industry-specific discussions to general interest subjects like astronomy or history.


  • 'Life Hacks' Sharing Session: Have a session where each team member shares a life hack or a useful tip they use in their daily life.


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  • Remote Movie Nights: Use a platform where you can watch movies or shows together online. Follow it up with a discussion or review session for a virtual movie-night experience.


  • Virtual Photography Contest: Organize a photography contest where team members submit photos they've taken; the themes can vary from nature to daily life. It's a great way to share hobbies and interests.


  • 'Guess Who' Game with Personal Facts: Have team members submit interesting or unusual personal facts, and then hold a 'Guess Who' game session where everyone tries to match the fact with the right colleague.


In business, we're involved in a shared commercial purpose, but each of us brings something unique to the table, and employees need opportunities to express that and feel valued. Your team's curiosity, purpose, and fun matter. When employees feel personally engaged with others, they are much more likely to thrive. 


I love talking to business owners about their staffing situations and how to be efficient, but I also want our clients to live their best lives, which involves spreading the "live-your-best-life" attitude to others. A big part of that is having fun in whatever you do. 


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If you're interested in discussing how to bring cost savings, greater efficiencies, and more fun to your office, I'd love to chat. Click here to set up a time that works best for you. 



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