Want to Elevate Your Business with the Element of Surprise?

A surprise is any break from the ordinary, good or bad. A party, a cake, a kind word — those are pleasant “surprises.” An unexpected bill, a traffic mishap, a slip and fall — those, well, not so much.  


I’m considering surprises because our workdays can run together, creating a blur effect. As a business owner, I find it helpful to contemplate my clients’ and employees’ day-to-day experiences and consider ways to occasionally break the humdrum with a good surprise. 


Here are some tips on providing “good surprises”:  


  • Handwritten Notes: In our digital age, receiving a heartfelt handwritten note is a rare and cherished surprise. Send personalized thank-you notes or appreciation letters to clients and employees to show genuine gratitude and recognition for their contributions. 


  • Anniversary Surprises: Celebrate client anniversaries by surprising them with unique gifts or discounts, commemorating their loyalty and the milestones achieved together. Keep track of your employees’ work anniversaries and recognize and reward their longevity. 


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  • Professional Development Opportunities: Invest in your employees’ growth and development by surprising them with opportunities for training, workshops, or certifications. Supporting their career advancement demonstrates your commitment to their success.


  • Random Acts of Kindness: Encourage a culture of kindness by promoting random acts of kindness in the workplace. This fosters a positive and supportive atmosphere. 


  • Employee Recognition Programs: With a formal recognition program, you can surprise employees with awards, certificates, or even “Employee of the Month” accolades. Recognizing their efforts reinforces their value to the organization. A recognition program is also a way to highlight your company’s core values. 


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  • Unexpected Thank-You Calls: Take the time to personally call clients and employees to express your gratitude for their support and dedication. A surprise phone call can be a memorable and meaningful gesture. 


  • Volunteer Opportunities: Surprise your employees by organizing volunteer opportunities or charity events. Giving back to the community can create a sense of purpose and fulfillment among your team. 


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  • Creative Workspace Enhancement: Consider your clients and employees and where they sit every day. What can you offer them to go in that space that might brighten their day? Is there a photo, piece of art, or uplifting motivational phrase you know they’ll like? Give them something to adorn their desk or wall that reinforces that their well-being is essential to you.


The power of pleasant surprises should not be underestimated. Those “lift-me-ups” can transform a mundane work environment into one that is engaging, motivating, and inspiring. Remember that surprises should always align with your organization’s values and culture.  


And have fun thinking of ways to break the blur of days whizzing by with out-of-the-ordinary positive acts. You’ll be surprised by the joy it brings.  


Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in talking about good surprises in the work environment or about enhancing your business with the top virtual employees available. I’d love to chat. Click here to set up a meeting that suits your schedule.  

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