Want to Up Your Hiring Game?

My "super bowl" is lowercase, not "Super Bowl." It's about chocolate ice cream, not football.  


But with the biggest sporting event of the year coming up, I think about the pressure on the coaches, who are scrutinized by millions. Winning in high-pressure, competitive environments requires a special mix of positive factors, including strategic thinking at the organizational level.  


Have you recruited the right blend of skillsets to win? Have you helped your team members reach their full potential? Do you have an overarching vision you can sell to everyone on your staff so you share a common purpose? How do you keep the organization motivated?  


These questions apply to business owners just as much as football coaches.  


My game is helping owners be strategic in staffing, not just filling vacancies as they occur but planning for the long term. I'm a coach's coach when it comes to hiring. So, let's talk X's and O's.  


Traditionally, companies approach hiring purely as a means to fill vacancies. The tactic solves immediate staffing needs, but it's akin to placing a Band-Aid on a wound that requires stitches.  


Short-term hiring often overlooks the broader picture of the organization's goals, leading to a mismatch between employee skills and the company's evolving needs. This reactive approach can result in a high turnover rate, as employees find their roles misaligned with their career goals.  


Long-term strategic staffing shifts the focus from simply filling positions to developing a comprehensive outlook of where your company is heading and what team members are needed to get there. This approach thoroughly analyzes your organization's long-term goals, the skills necessary to achieve them, and a plan to develop or acquire this talent over time. 



Hiring is Hard; Here's How We Help   



Here are five tips to be on top of your game when it comes to strategic staffing:  


  • Conduct skillset analysis: Regularly evaluate the skills and expertise within your team. Identify gaps and target your hiring process to bridge these gaps, ensuring you have a well-rounded team ready to tackle future challenges. 


  • Be flexible: Understand that the traditional box of hiring has changed. Be open to diverse talent, remote work options, and alternative work arrangements. This flexibility can help you access a broader talent pool and find the right fit for your organization. 



There is no "box" when hiring in today's world  



  • Develop a talent pipeline: Cultivate relationships with potential candidates long before a position opens. This includes engaging with passive candidates, building talent communities, or maintaining relationships with previous applicants. When a role becomes available, you have a ready pool of candidates to tap into. 


  • Reward cross-training: Encourage employees to acquire skills outside their primary roles and reward them for doing so. Provide bonuses for those who improve their performance. This adds value to the individual and provides the organization with a more versatile workforce ready to adapt to shifting business needs. 


  • Forecast future skills: Stay abreast of industry trends and technological advancements. Your industry won't be the same in 10 years, will it? Predict the skills and roles in demand in the coming years and start recruiting or training for those skills in advance, positioning the organization ahead of the curve. 



The Cost Benefits of Hiring Virtually   



Our company isn't just about virtual employees. No, there's a broader goal. We're a business success management company. How do you find success? How do you maintain it? How do you amplify it?  


My husband and I have written books on these topics. We have much to share, and it's a pleasure of mine to talk one-on-one with company owners about all the approaches they can take in the great game of business. If you'd like to chat, click here to pick a suitable time.  


Now pardon me, I'm going to enjoy a "super bowl." Thankfully, it comes more than once a year.  




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