Why Your Employees (and You) Need a Real Break This Summer

Summer is here, and I hope you're getting ready for some well-deserved time off. But if you're feeling guilty about stepping away or worried that your business can't spare you, I want to share some eye-opening research that might change your mind. 


A recent survey of 10,000 desk workers by Slack found that the 9-5 workday is now a myth for many. In fact, 37% of workers are logging on outside of standard hours at least once a week. And those after-hours workers? They had 20% lower productivity scores than those who logged off at the end of a normal day. 


Burnout: Why it Happens and How to Reduce It 


Meanwhile, costs are up, and vacations are falling by the wayside. A separate survey by Eagle Hill Consulting found that 38% of U.S. workers hadn't taken a vacation in the past year, largely due to costs. And even when on vacation, 25% still check work emails and messages. 


As business owners, we need to pay attention to these trends. Constantly feeling the need to work without substantial breaks is hurting both our employees and our businesses. When our teams are stressed and burned out, productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction all suffer. 


So what can we do? It starts with leading by example and taking our own vacations seriously. Show your team that it's not only OK but encouraged to fully disconnect and recharge. Communicate the importance of taking breaks, both daily and in the form of actual vacations. 


The Costs of a High Turnover Rate  


But of course, making sure the work gets done is still a priority. That's where virtual employees can be a game-changer. At HireSmart, our skilled professionals can handle key tasks and provide coverage that allows your in-house team (and you!) to take stress-free time off. 


By lightening workloads and filling in the gaps, virtual employees can play a crucial role in preventing burnout and enabling the kind of restorative breaks that ultimately benefit your business.  


As Melissa Jezior, CEO of Eagle Hill Consulting, notes, "When employees have space away from their job, they often return more energized and focused. Ultimately, that benefits their employer and customers." 


This summer, I encourage you to rethink the nonstop work mentality. Recognize that vacations aren't just a nice perk – they're a necessary tool for maintaining productivity, engagement, and mental wellbeing. And if you need support to make that happen, know that HireSmart is here to help. 


Don't Let the Good Ones Get Away  


We find thoughtful, intelligent, ambitious, dedicated, and articulate virtual employees in a market with a much lower cost of living than the U.S. That means you can pay virtual employees good wages in their market at a much more affordable rate than paying employees for the same work in your immediate surroundings. Your bill rate for your HireSmart virtual employees is a flat $9.50 an hour. And you get a great employee. 


"Alex goes above and beyond to assist the team," said one client about her VE. "She is very polite, helpful and learns quickly. She has been such a great asset to our team, that it has prompted us to hire more VEs in the future." 


Click here to schedule a conversation about how our virtual employees can help you and your team take the breaks you need to do your best work. Let's make this a summer of recharging, reconnecting, and coming back stronger than ever. 



Anne Lackey + HireSmart Team 

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