Summer is right around the corner, and you know what that means: Summer vacation. Not enough businesses are willing to admit that vacation time is crucial.  


It's not just a luxury or a perk — it's a necessity. Ensuring that your staff members are mentally healthy and can separate work from play goes a long way toward business success.  


That said, vacations can be challenging, especially in community association management, where managers are heavily involved in the HOAs and condos they manage. When you're hands-on, it can be hard to go hands-off, even for a much-needed long weekend. 


Thinking of Adding a Global Flair to Your Local Team? 


With fewer and fewer CAMs entering the industry every year, relying on coworkers to cover all responsibilities might be impossible. The trick to successfully navigating HOA manager vacations is to plan ahead.  


Get Ahead to Stay Ahead 


It all starts with a plan. You know that HOA manager vacation time will be challenging for your business operations, but, as we said, it is a huge component of overall success. Taking steps in advance will set that success in motion before the vacation requests come. Here are a few ways to give your team the sharpest edge this summer (and for all future vacation seasons)! 


Tasks That You Can Delegate to a Virtual Employee 


Keep Everything Updated  


When managing communities, your databases are your keys to success. This covers everything from contacts within each community, like board and committee members, to vendor contacts for your technology and payment providers to internal team contact information. Anything can go wrong at any time, and somehow, it always happens when someone takes a day off, doesn't it? Having those files in order will keep everyone on the same page and make any fires that crop up simple to extinguish. Communication is a huge part of the task load someone will be shouldering during an HOA manager vacation. Keep your records, files, and contact information updated to streamline task delegation when the time comes.  


Set Up Processes in Advance 


The management company shouldn't be the only team keeping things in order to prep for vacation time. Managers should work with their boards (or any relevant points of contact in their communities) to establish processes to be used in their absence. This can include anything from general day-to-day outreach and communication to specific emails or notices regarding community activities, website or user portal maintenance, or vendor communication. Regardless of the task load, collaborating with the communities that will be seeing a new face for a few days and hearing from someone other than their standard point of contact can be a game changer when it comes time for HOA manager vacation time.  


Delegate to the Right People 


It's not enough to know that you'll need coverage for HOA manager vacation outages — it's essential to determine who covers whom and which tasks end up on each plate. Fellow CAM managers should be handling on-site needs like overseeing community meetings and recording violations. But off-site tasks can gum up the work for them. Instead of tasking managers with both sets of responsibilities, generate a list of off-site tasks like those communications we mentioned. Hand them off to administrative team members who will be more available to answer emails or phone calls quickly. 


Break Out the Beach Chairs! 


Vacation is not a dirty word, and it doesn't have to be a headache. Sure, your team of managers can handle a lot, but they shouldn't have to handle it all. Equipping them with the tools and processes they need to succeed guarantees everyone a worry-free vacation.  


HireSmart VE Is Always Available for His Family and Profession 


A virtual employee (VE) could be a useful tool in your toolbox. Bringing on a person dedicated to filling in the gaps during an HOA manager's vacation can be the difference between treading water and breezing through the vacation season.  


For more information about how a VE can support your community association management company for vacations and beyond, click here and schedule your free 30-minute consultation.  




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No business can succeed in a bubble. You have to put yourself out there. While some business owners dislike marketing — the "hey, look at us!" aspect — I find it quite fun. It's storytelling. 


What stories do we tell? What purpose do the stories serve? What can we do to help customers improve their narratives, and then how do we tie that back to our storytelling? So let's talk about your story. 


Here are five tips and tricks: 



Beyond Words: Turning Your Company's Core Values into Daily Actions   




HireSmart VE Is Always Available for His Family and Profession 



When Tom Quits, Consider a VE Team Instead 



 "I really give credit for my virtual employees' success directly related to HireSmart going in and giving that one week of HOA training on the front side, prepping them and preparing them for what this world looks like on our side because, for a lot of folks, HOA is very new," said Philessia, a customer care representative for a community association management company, who works with 17 HireSmart virtual employees. "So the fact that you make sure they pass that training before you release them really sets them up for success on our side." 


Don't feel put off by the "hey, look at me" duties in business. Have fun with that task. Start inward and develop your core values. Implement those values in your business and show them in action. Find your unique solution. Then, raise the volume on how that solution works, pulling in testimonials from customers who show why you're unique. 


I'd love to chat if you want to discuss marketing or other business tips or learn more about our certification process and how we ensure our virtual employees are top-notch. Click here to set up a talk at your convenience. 



We tend to think of “fun” as the quick dopamine jolt of joy, a side-splitting laugh, or a toe-tapping tune. 


But there are more profound types of “fun,” which aren’t so fleeting. It’s “fun” to see incremental progress in learning an instrument, to lose yourself in a long novel, or to restore something old and make it new. 


I view our professions as mental craftwork infused with many long-form fun possibilities if we know how to look. 


Think about the next level of “fun,” that more profound thing. The challenges you overcome, the skills you acquire, and the milestones you reach provide a sense of achievement that quick-hit pleasures can’t match — the fun of growth and personal development. 


A call to action: HireSmart Cares aims to help youth realize their potential   


Think of the“fun” in building relationships and contributing to something larger than oneself. This joy takes time and effort to develop and is about the journey, the shared experiences, and the bonds you build. 


My world, my business, my passion — it’s about creating this sort of “fun.” How do I help generate it? How do I help spread that joy? 


It starts with helping my clients feel empowered. Work can be so hard, right? When we’re overwhelmed, it shows up in our bodies with issues like chronic fatigue, headaches, muscle tension, and stomach problems. We get irritable with others. We’re tense and unable to pull our minds from constant job-related stresses. This is no fun! And it’s not healthy. 


Would You Like to Help Your Staff Improve and Succeed? 


The whole point of my business is to flip that script for others. I meet daily with business owners and managers on workload management plans. How can we shift time-consuming tasks off their plates at a low cost in a quality way? How can we transform stress into fun? That’s it. That’s my work. 


I connect stressed business people with highly vetted, smart, thoughtful Filipino virtual employees, and I watch clients’ pressures ease and their smiles return. 


Burnout: Why it Happens and How to Reduce It 


And it’s fun! I love hearing from clients who feel a heavy weight lifted and find more free time to pursue what they consider fun. 


“I could walk away and go on vacation, and I know our business is in great hands with Brenda and Abby,” said our client Colleen about her two HireSmart virtual employees. “And Abby is communicating with all of our clients; our clients are communicating with Abby. It’s beautiful. It’s wonderful. It’s perfect. And Brenda is just one of those incredible people that’s just amazing. I think we just hit the pot of gold.” 


What’s The Cure For the Work-Life Migraine? 


I also have a blast working with our virtual employees to improve their lives. We provide our VEs free health and dental care at no cost to the clients. We provide educational scholarships to the children of our VEs. We have their backs in times of need, such as offering financial support to the families of 31 employees affected by Typhoon Rai.  


HireSmart Cares Typhoon Assistance — Richan’s story 


We provide our VEs with a 40-hour “certification” course before onboarding with our clients. This boosts the employees’ confidence and helps our clients enjoy a smooth onboarding process since our VEs are educated on terminology and industry practices before joining their teams. 


Let’s chat if you’re interested in bringing some fun into your office by efficiently allocating tasks at a low cost, which leads to significant stress reduction. This conversation is my version of fun. Truly.  


Whether we partner in business or not, I’ll enjoy hearing about your office outlook and talking with you about various efficiency possibilities. We’re a business success management agency. And our success only happens when we help others succeed. That’s goal number one. 


Click here to set up a talk at your convenience, and while I can’t promise a toe-tapping tune, let’s share a laugh or two. Let’s have some fun! 



Wasn't that fun? 


Well, that's subjective, right? Some people enjoy a brutal roller coaster ride or two hours of a jump-scare horror flick, while such experiences are torture for others. The extrovert loves a party. The introvert can't wait for a pillow and a good book. 


How we laugh, play, and find fun varies greatly. Are you a thrill-seeker, a chill-seeker, or something in between? 


Most businesses include a mix of personality types, so bringing fun to the work environment requires thought about the people you want to engage. The best way to jazz things up is with variety, which gives different personality types the opportunity to find something appealing. 


The Costs of a High Turnover Rate 


But how do you do this in a remote work setting? Well, here are a few ideas for fun in the virtual office: 






Want to Thrive, Not Just Survive, in the Face of Inflation? 







Ready for Fun? Here's How to Prepare Your Business 





In business, we're involved in a shared commercial purpose, but each of us brings something unique to the table, and employees need opportunities to express that and feel valued. Your team's curiosity, purpose, and fun matter. When employees feel personally engaged with others, they are much more likely to thrive. 


I love talking to business owners about their staffing situations and how to be efficient, but I also want our clients to live their best lives, which involves spreading the "live-your-best-life" attitude to others. A big part of that is having fun in whatever you do. 


5 Reasons to Be Grateful for Your Virtual Employee 


If you're interested in discussing how to bring cost savings, greater efficiencies, and more fun to your office, I'd love to chat. Click here to set up a time that works best for you. 



How can we help your business thrive? That's HireSmart's objective. 


Co-CEOs Anne and Mark Lackey offer unique staffing solutions for U.S. companies, but the owners of multiple successful businesses also share entrepreneurial tips so others can succeed, grow, and improve the lives of many people. 


Anne recently offered young professionals advice on "building your personal brand" at a Madison County Chamber of Commerce luncheon at Jackson EMC. 


"You have a personal brand, whether you think you do or don't," she told the group. "And so the question that I want you guys to start thinking about is, 'Does your personal brand reflect who you want it to reflect?'" 


Anne said branding begins with identifying your core values. 


Beyond Words: Turning Your Company's Core Values into Daily Actions   


"What do you stand for? What's important to you? And just as important, what do you stand against?" she asked the audience. 


Anne spoke of HireSmart's "SMARTER" core values, noting that values are the compass for her actions and her staff's. 


"My personal core value is that I leave everybody a little bit are better off than before they met me," she said. 


Anne talked about being available, respectful, and working well as a team. These qualities are essential for creating a personal brand that attracts the right clients, employees, and partners. 


She recalled working in the corporate world, where executives were often inaccessible. 


"I had something I wanted to say, but they were never available," she said. 


So, the HireSmart CEO vowed to be different by being easily accessible. She said entrepreneurs must be eager to meet and help customers solve their problems, and then availability will become a powerful part of their personal brand. 


"I have an open-door policy," she said. That is no joke. If you want to meet with me, go to That's all you need to schedule a virtual meeting with me." 


HireSmart VE Is Always Available for His Family and Profession 


Respect was another focus of Anne's talk. She said there's no room for belittling behavior from anyone when brand building. She said an "intellectual, respectful conversation," even during disagreements, is a necessity, adding that agreement isn't always helpful since "iron sharpens iron," but ideas should be challenged in a respectful way. 


She also discussed ethics and integrity in brand building, adding that the "relationship is more important than the transaction." 


"You have to be able to do business ethically," she said. "And that is a line in the sand I will not cross. I want people to trust me, and I want to be known as a person they can always count on to do the right thing." 


She said being ethical requires a willingness to miss out on short-term gains if necessary. 


"There were times in real estate where I could have made a big commission but felt terrible about the whole ordeal," she said. "And I realized I wasn't going to put somebody in a house or I wasn't going to do something for somebody that I didn't feel was the right thing to do." 


Anne asked audience members to contemplate and discuss their core values, adding that people connect with businesses that genuinely work to improve lives. 


"When you're in marketing, or you're the business owner, and you're trying to establish yourself, you have to stand for something, or you stand for nothing," she said. 


Anne also discussed developing marketing strategies to build a brand identity with target audiences. 


For instance, she talked about creating educational "how-to" videos related to everyday tasks associated with your industry, such as HVAC companies showing people how to replace their air filters. 


Why Company Leaders Should Be In The Business Of Giving Back To Their Communities 


She urged businesses in different industries but with common customers to develop referral partnerships, such as roofing companies and HVAC businesses steering customers to each other.  


Anne emphasized the need to attend networking events regularly to build new contacts, even if it makes you uncomfortable. She urged entrepreneurs to ask for customer testimonials to use in marketing. 


"Testimonials are the best," she said. "But you have to ask them: 'What was it about the experience that you really liked?' Because here's the thing: what you think is important in your business may not be exactly what your customers think. Find out what resonates with them." 


She spoke of business owners determining their target audience and demographics and then identifying which social media platforms their target audience uses. She said it's important to maintain a consistent social media presence, not provide content in clusters and then disappear for months. 


Anne said personal branding is about attention to details, particularly those inside the self — the attitudes, habits, and focus on respectful relationships. 


"Does your brand reflect what you want?" she asked participants. "If it doesn't, you can change it. You start with what's inside here (chest). You start with your core values, your compass." 



Every child deserves fun. We want kids to laugh and play because a growing mind without delight is like a garden without flowers and bright colors. “Fun” is where kids bloom. 


I think of my grandchildren and their eyes of wonder. I hope they never lose the thrill of new things or the desire to explore. 


My hope for our employees is similar. I want them to be thrilled by new experiences and driven to explore and grow.  


So, how do we make work fun? Here are some tips: 



How Do Your Employees Know They’re Valued? 




Improving Your Team Takes Some Self-Evaluation 




Want to Become a Better Virtual Team Leader? 


We work with adults, not children. But it’s important to see the power of fun in the office. That’s where employees want to stay, and that’s where newcomers want to be. Every workplace develops a reputation, whether good or bad. And a “fun place to work” holds distinct value. 


At HireSmart, we work with business owners to reduce office stress and create a fun, fulfilling workplace. Our virtual employees bring skill and positivity to your team, allowing for a happier environment.  


“Fun” is where business blooms. And we want your staff to have an abundant garden in that way.  


Click here to chat more about this at your convenience. 




Spring is rolling in slowly but surely, and the season brings a few tasks on every agenda. Whether you're clearing out closet space, decluttering cabinets and drawers, or shuffling furniture about, spring cleaning time is here. 


For a management company, spring cleaning means tossing the old saying of "not sweating the small stuff" out the window. Those tiny details will be critical right now, and ensuring they're properly sorted will give you a much cleaner customer experience. 


'Small' Doesn't Mean 'Unimportant' 


There's an assumption that quick, simple, or infrequent tasks are less important than the big ones we face daily. However, efficient management of lesser tasks can contribute to a greater sense of ease for your staff and clients. 


All of the major tasks management company executives handle are important, but breaking free from the misconception that small tasks are less important will help you and your team better serve your clients, present and future. 


Your board members expect unfettered access to whatever they want, whenever they want it. Setting up a portal with payment access, document storage, and general community information is a very large task that can make you feel as if you've satisfied that need forever. But the reality is that maintaining all of the portal's small pieces is critical and can be the difference between satisfaction and frustration in your boards. 


Your staff have similar needs — they want to be able to do their daily tasks with minimal friction. Purchasing or building high-quality tools or creating data storage systems and access processes can help and are great large-scale successes. However, much like the finer details of your customer portal, maintaining internal information and the methods developed to help your team leverage it is just as crucial to the customer experience. 


Tiny Tasks to Tackle Today 


The good news is that the small stuff can be done pretty much in any order and by anyone. This is the equivalent of dusting behind the fridge or on the bookshelf. Things that we should have done once or twice a season already, but it's small stuff, so we didn't sweat it, right? But like dust, those small things can build up. Now is the time to handle it. 


Ensure Homeowner Portal Functionality 


If you have received complaints about links in your portal not working or missing altogether, now is an excellent time to resolve them. That might mean going into a website backend yourself or reaching out to your marketing or technology provider, but whatever the task entails, it will be a big contributor to a less agitated membership. 


Update Document Repositories As Needed 


Management company spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to take inventory of what documents are missing. Your audit should include the portals for every association you manage as well as your own management company's information stores. Updating financial packages or insurance certificates for your clients is just as valuable to your team as keeping internal client information organized and up to date. 


Maintain Homeowner Contact Information 


Connecting with homeowners is essential for board members and managers alike. Unfortunately, you might not be aware when those details change over time. Reaching out to homeowners to verify that contact information is still accurate and maintaining the contact lists can streamline important communication between managers, board members, and homeowners. 


Refresh Business Continuity Plans 


This should apply to your plans as well as your clients. For some management companies, these plans were only exercised in the winter storms. For others, you can expect to rely on them in the months ahead. Wherever you are in your local "natural disaster" calendar, updating contact information, local safety and shelter details, and making necessary changes if the original plans fail in some way will keep everyone ready and prepared should the worst-case scenario play out. 


Other Duties As Assigned 


At the end of every big cleaning session, it's wise to take stock of things that might not have made your list of tasks but are necessary nonetheless. Whether updating inventory sheets for in-office goods or setting reminders for upcoming activities like maintenance or renewals, looking at your current checklist and filling in any gaps will add more work but will keep you on track longer. 


Small But Mighty 


Remember that all of these tasks will help you do everything better. They are small and may feel tedious and taxing, but they have a lot of value. If your team is bogged down with spring cleaning, bringing in help is always an option. 


Let a virtual employee shoulder any tasks you worry about falling through the cracks to ensure they get handled. You improve your customer service and optimize your staff so your managers can focus on what they do best. 


Click here for your free 30-minute consultation to learn how a Hire Smart Virtual Employee can make this spring cleaning more effective for your management company and your portfolio of clients.  




Anne + The HireSmart Team 


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Helping Business Owners Find Great Workers – HireSmart Virtual Employees 


Helping Kids – HireSmart Cares in Action 

Thank you to our clients who are creating an impact 


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We think of "chunky" as it relates to weight, which isn't a nice thing to call someone. But let me give you a new, positive connotation for the word. Recognize that you're healthiest when you're "chunky" in time management. 


We all need starts and finishes, even if we are on one long road that seems endless. A beginning brings freshness, a new challenge, and a sense of difference, while an ending allows us to grab a moment of accomplishment and shift focus from one mental journey to another. 


Being "chunky" in time management regularly brings both opportunities — new starts and finishes. I'm a perpetual planner, and I set calendars far in advance. I'm thinking of spring cleaning at the moment — packing away winter hues in the wardrobe in favor of spring wear. 


I'm doing this with work, too. HireSmart is in our 90-day spring sprint now. We've packed away our winter objectives and now enjoy a fresh start on our spring missions. Yes, we have day-to-day responsibilities that are always there, but a quarterly objective allows you to address a goal with an intense burst of energy in a needed direction. 


Here Are 10 Ways You Can Get Your Life Back 


For instance, a spring quarterly mission for a community association manager might focus on boosting resident engagement and connection. People tend to spend more time outdoors in the spring. Days are longer, and it's an ideal time for a community event, beautification endeavor, or walkability enhancement project. 


But what do residents want? As people walk through their community, what do they see? While you always want community input, spring is a prime time for heavy solicitation of residents' perspectives. You could enter a 90-day spring sprint to gather feedback from the community on aesthetics, safety, and event preferences, then create a resident feedback report for the HOA for summer consideration. 


The following quarter, you may sprint toward improved educational resources for all of your residents and HOA, or upgrading maintenance protocols, or any number of issues. 


But when do you have the time? You have two hands, not four. "If only I had some help, I'd be just fine." We all know that feeling. We're too swamped in reactive mode to even look in the proactive direction. 


The Catch-22 is that the more proactive you are, the less "hot-mess" reactive you'll be. 


Well, that's where chunking helps. And at HireSmart, we're pros at proactive "chunking." We help business owners and managers shift chunks of time-consuming tasks to quality employees in the Philippines, a market with a far less expensive cost of living 


With us, you can find educated, thoughtful, skilled Filipino employees at a fraction of the cost of a local hire, meaning you can create a quarterly objective and put quality virtual employees on the task, or you may do the opposite, shifting some of the more routine day-to-day duties on VEs so you and other in-office staff can address objectives in your 90-day sprint. 


When Tom Quits, Consider a VE Team Instead 


I've been delighted watching hundreds of our clients find new time-management freedoms by working with our VEs, who are truly top-notch. There's so much I can tell you. I can brag for days on our VEs. 


But I prefer to let our clients do that. 


"She respects everyone she comes in contact with, clients and co-workers alike," said one property manager about her VE, Ina. "She always checks on her team and makes sure if there is something she can help with, and communicates what needs to be addressed. Along the lines of teamwork, her heart is in everything that she does and you can feel that with the relationship we have with her. She is amazing!" 


Our VEs enrich our clients' work lives and provide a connection across the globe they might not have otherwise. Our virtual employees make us proud, and we love the impact they have on others. 


We love supporting them with health and dental benefits at no cost to clients, educational scholarship opportunities for their children, and ongoing advice and support. We also have their backs when disaster strikes, such as providing financial assistance for 31 families after Typhoon Rai in 2021. 


HireSmart Cares Typhoon Assistance — Richan's Story 


If you want to learn more about how VEs can help you manage your workload while saving you money, I'd love to chat with you. Click here to set up a time that works best for you. 


Oh, and remember that "chunky" is a great thing in time management. 


And, well, chocolate treats, too. Oof, don't get me started on desserts. OK, gotta go. 





I'm not a particularly fast typist, and this lack of speed proved a blessing in my life. 


In one of my first jobs, I was chosen for a front-desk position instead of the clerical spot I wanted because I couldn't meet the required word count per minute. 


This role assignment helped set my career path. Constant front-desk interaction sharpened my people skills and helped me realize I needed to work face-to-face with others, not sit in the back doing paperwork. Helping people directly is how I shine. 


A simple lesson stuck with me: Match the skill set to the position. 


Employees in your company work daily to meet a variety of needs. You hope all skills match perfectly with the tasks. But assuming this is true won't help your business. You need to know. 


Looking To Increase Your Bottom Line? 


I think of "spring cleaning" in April, not just in my personal life but in many professional ways. Spring is a great time to conduct an organizational structure cleanup. Are employee skills suitably matched to their tasks? 


Here are five steps to organizational structure assessments: 





Is Fear Holding You Back From Big Gains? 




At HireSmart, we serve as your reorganizational ally. If you conduct that skillset assessment in your business, you'll likely find employees bogged down with certain tasks that pull them from their strengths. 


Here are 47 tasks a virtual employee can handle for you 


Blowing up your office with a huge restructuring of job duties is probably not a sound move. Employees don't enjoy too much disruption of their expectations, but if you look closely at your team, you'll most likely identify time and task inefficiencies and wish for improvement. 


Our company helps you clean up those problems by taking time-consuming tasks off your plate and shifting them to high-quality, thoughtful office employees in the Philippines who must go through a rigorous qualifying process to work with you. 


We find your specific needs and search for an employee matching that skill set. You meet three qualified candidates, choose one, and then we train that employee for a week in the terminology and practices of your industry before they onboard with you. 


Our bill rate is $9.50 an hour for a full-time online office employee. For that cost, your virtual employee (VE) will receive free health and dental coverage at no cost to you, opportunities for HireSmart educational scholarships for their children at no cost to you, and ongoing support from our educational team. 


HireSmart Filipino Scholarships — Jonalyn's Story 


You'll also have our ongoing support. We work with you to ensure smooth onboarding and that the arrangement continues to help your business shine. 


Click here if you're interested in chatting with me about this at a convenient time.  


And hey, it took me a minute to type this, but I'm much faster than I used to be. Go Anne! 




My husband keeps up with the tech of the day, but he still loves his papers and color-coded filing system, which is always neat and orderly. 


But in an increasingly paperless business world, our files are accessed through a search bar, not a file cabinet, and keeping track of everything takes time and effort. 


We easily lapse into digital disarray. Wait, where did I save this? What file name did I use? I thought I responded to that email. Where did it go? I've got 50 questions in my inbox, and I don't have time to deal with this right now. Ugh! 


7 Steps to Hiring Quality Staff   


Our digital house begins to feel like a dirty laundry pile on the bedroom floor with dishes piled up in the sink, but we don't have time to knock out the tasks. So they just sit there. 


If you're like me, you're thinking about "spring cleaning" in April. You want to be outside and make sure everything around the house looks nice. Why not treat your digital house to a spring cleaning? 


Here are some tips — or rather "reminders" — on digital decluttering. I'm sure you know all this, but it's so easy to lose focus and let a digital mess take over your house. 




Burnout: Why it Happens and How to Reduce It 






This sounds like housework, doesn't it? These duties are routine but essential, like maintaining clean clothes or dishes. Our work lives involve so many of these time-consuming digital duties. 


Here are 47 tasks a virtual employee can handle for you 


Thankfully, I have plenty of help in keeping the socks and T-shirts off the floor in that regard. I can manage my time more efficiently than most people because I've created systems to offload time-consuming duties. My husband and I run six successful businesses because we are pros at delegation. 


In fact, sharing our delegating skill set is the focus of our business life these days. We work with hundreds of business owners across the U.S. to turn their office life clutter into sharp, tidy houses. 


That's what our team at HireSmart does. We help you be in shape through the power of smart delegation. 


Anne Lackey's Company Offers a Unique Virtual Solution for Staffing Issues 


We find Filipino office employees specifically suited to your needs. We train and certify them, and then we work with you in onboarding those staff members and offer continued support as they help you keep your digital house in order. 


We've done this for nearly a decade and are veterans in the business. 


Sheryl Shares How Insurance Through HireSmart Made a Difference 


Our clients love their VEs.   


"Ina is the ideal employee — truly a marker for excellence in every single way," said one of our property management clients about her HireSmart VE. "She is one of the reasons I show up to work every day and why I love leading the team!" 


"Tony is a hard worker, always available, kind, great team player, and cares about others," said a community association management client about their VE. "We are so happy to have him as part of our team!" 


And yes, my husband has his color-coded file for comments like these. It's quite thick and keeps growing. 


Click here if you'd like to talk with us about getting your business's digital house in order with the help of our virtual team.  


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