Tell me a story. Young and old want the same. We're creatures of narrative, entertained by tales of journeys, conflicts, love, despair, and hope. 


We each have our own stories. Your business has a narrative, too. What's your company's creation story? How did it grow? What's happening now, and where will the business be in 10 years? Those are powerful narratives involving multiple personal stories, too. 


This month, I'm talking about "fun in business," and sharing stories tops my list. 


Anne Lackey's Company Offers a Unique Virtual Solution for Staffing Issues 


We formed HireSmart after my husband, Mark, and I went on vacation, and the employee we left in charge of our property management company texted her resignation right as we were headed for breakfast on our first morning there. This was a much-needed getaway as we had waited 7 years. Unfortunately, after less than 1 day there, we ended up packing our bags and driving 6 hours to head back home. It was at that moment we determined to set up a more reliable form of staffing for our business. We did that, and then we created a new company to do that for others. 


Since then, we've helped hundreds of business owners and managers find greater workload efficiencies through low-cost, reliable office staffing from the Philippines. 


Beyond Words: Turning Your Company's Core Values into Daily Actions   


But enough about me. I'm interested in you. Seriously. What's your story? It's honestly a joy to hear other people talk about their lives and their challenges. I've learned that engaging in another's mental journey and walking with them as they contemplate decisions is deeply rewarding. 


And if you're a business owner, I can empathize with the twists and turns of your story. You never really put it to bed, do you? The story goes on while we sleep because owning a business is 24/7/365. 


Even now, I live that, too. HireSmart is our child in a way. We're always thinking about it. We're always considering how to serve our clients because a customer-centric focus is the only way any business truly thrives. You understand this, too. 


You also know that any business is only as good as its people. These questions are crucial for your business: who you hire, how they perform, how they improve, and how long they stay. 


At HireSmart, we're deep in that narrative for hundreds of companies daily. We're pros at finding the right person to suit our client's specific needs at a low cost. 


The Cost Benefits of Hiring Virtually 


As you consider your business narrative, remember that every quality story has a beginning and an end. It also includes a character who sees an obstacle and takes action to resolve that problem. 


HireSmart has served as a positive plot turn for many business narratives. Staffing was a problem, and owners and managers sought us out for solutions, finding that onsite staff could be freed up to perform crucial duties by shifting other work to online employees. 


"We were on the fence for a really long time, for many years," said Abby, director of operations for a U.S. property management company. "And when we got our virtual employee, I thought about how different we could have scaled our company, how we could have improved policies and procedures if we had taken on virtual employees many years ago." 


There is No "Box" When Hiring in Today's World 


Abby's company has six HireSmart virtual employees. 


"Collectively, they're some of the most positive people I've ever been in communication with," she said. "They're very hardworking, very upbeat, and just go, go, go." 


It's so fun to link people like Abby with quality employees from afar who aren't so different from us. They love their families, want to provide value to the world, and want to have fun and be happy.  


HireSmart VE Is Always Available for His Family and Profession 


Our business is a feel-good narrative because it aims to be that for others — a feel-good story. 


What's your business story? And can we help you shape it to be even better? 


Click here if you'd like to chat about that. 


It would be truly fun for me, and I think you'd enjoy it, too — your story taking shape.  



My husband and I love puzzles. We always have one on a table, and we stop to work a little at a time, making slow progress until the picture is complete. 


It's fun, but it's symbolic, too. That's our life in business. We put puzzles together, and there's such joy in each new link of success, one little piece joining the next. 


It's not work for us. It's play. We're engaged in the imaginative process. If we match these two things together, then hey, it looks like this. Cool! Where's the next piece? Let's keep going. 


We created HireSmart 10 years ago with precisely this mental playfulness. We took long car rides and sat at our "mission control" kitchen table, discussing the business puzzle and how it might take shape. But that required studying one puzzle piece and its peculiar shape, then finding the right match in our big pile of thoughts. We did this day after day for years until a clear, beautiful picture took shape. 


When Planning Clicks, You Know It's Right   


HireSmart functions as a puzzle, too. We study people, and then link matches to create a great picture. We look at each particular shape. What is significant about this office? What makes it unique? What picture does the owner or manager want to see? 


We listen. We assess. We act. 


We bring the matching piece to the office puzzle. It's more important than a game for us, but there's a joyful game element in our work. We don't find any satisfaction in the process unless we feel that click, two right pieces meeting each other. It's fun! 


We discovered that the Philippines is the best hiring ground for virtual office assistance for U.S. businesses seeking quality employees at a reduced cost. 


English is the official business language of the nation. The dollar goes far there. And we encounter so many gracious, thoughtful, and family-oriented people eager for a stable, full-time job, which we provide. 


I spent years perfecting a proprietary "Anne-alytics" process for evaluating potential Filipino employees, and only one percent of applicants are hired to our team. Before onboarding with you, our employees must also pass 40 hours of certification training, where they're educated on your industry, terminology, and job duties. 


Anne Lackey's Company Offers a Unique Virtual Solution for Staffing Issues 


That rigorous evaluation process gives us a successful placement rate of over 98 percent with our clients. Most offices can't boast that 49 of 50 new hires work out, but we provide that to our clients. And if you're the 1 in 50, we will work with you on a suitable replacement. 


What could you accomplish if you hire talented, high-character employees at a bill rate of $9.50 an hour? Could you tackle tasks that aren't being addressed? Could you shift responsibilities away from employees in need of assistance? Could you save on personnel costs and address other business needs? 


We provide these connected puzzle pieces to business owners to help them shape their big picture. 


We also help our Filipino families shape their big picture by providing free health and dental coverage at no cost to clients, along with scholarship opportunities for our employees' children, assistance during hardship, ongoing professional support from our team, and now even retirement benefit options. 


Are you working on your business puzzle? Would you like to click pieces together in a satisfying way? Isn't that fun? 


Hiring is Hard; Here's How We Help 


If you want to sit with us at the puzzle table to make satisfying links in your business picture, click here to set up a chat at your convenience. 


Whether we join a business relationship or simply discuss your strategies without a partnership, I will enjoy it. I love the playfulness of making business better. I'll never tire of that game. I hope you find your fun, too! 




Anne + The HireSmart Team 


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Who runs this show? 


I enter every business with that question in mind. Sometimes, I want to shake that person's hand and congratulate them on their remarkable organizational skills. 


But sometimes, I'm struck by all the bad notes, like an orchestra with failing instruments or untrained members. The place is off-key, disjointed. I wish for a good heart-to-heart with the person overseeing a troubled environment. 


Don't Let the Good Ones Get Away  


But keeping your business in tune is tough, much like conducting an orchestra. Every section, from strings to percussion, has a vital role, and the conductor must ensure they all come together in harmony to please the audience. 


So here are some "conductor's steps" to clean up the bad notes and ensure customer satisfaction: 




There is No "Box" When Hiring in Today's World 




At HireSmart, we help business owners bring their organizations in greater harmony by providing quality new "musicians" into their ensembles at bargain rates. 


Our Filipino virtual office employees must pass a rigorous qualification process to join your team. Only one percent of our applicants make the grade, and due to our vigorous pre-placement scrutiny, we have the top successful placement rate in the business at over 96 percent. 


Ready for Fun? Here's How to Prepare Your Business 


It's simple. We have a streamlined, rigorous hiring process. This means we weed through the ones who aren't a fit, those who don't have what it takes to perform for our clients.  


Once we've chosen three candidates who we believe match your needs, you interview them, and then you decide on the best match. 


After that, the potential hire must complete a 40-hour certification process before onboarding with you. They'll learn about your industry and what's expected in the new role. 


Our certification process is our key to success. It allows us to ensure new employees have the necessary skills and talent to serve our clients. We have live trainers, including myself, so we can quickly evaluate their skills. We track our success and adapt as needed. 


We work diligently to ensure that the "musician" joining your symphony knows how to play the expected instrument professionally. 


The Cost Benefits of Hiring VEs are Undeniable  


After onboarding, we're there to help you and your VE stay in tune. 


When someone looks at your business and asks, "Who runs this show?" we want them to seek you out to shake your hand on a job well done. 


We help business owners multiply such handshakes, and we'd love to shake your hand on that partnership. 


Click here if you're interested in a get-to-know-you session where we can answer any of your questions and give you more details about the process. 



We live in Plan A. We survive in Plan B. 


If the fire happens, the massive storm, or any form of the big "Oh No!" arrives, what's your plan? 


Not every catastrophe involves 911. A "Mayday!" moment can be staffing turmoil. What, Tom quit? Who'll do his job? 


When Tom Quits, Consider a VE Team Instead 


I think of "spring cleaning" in April, and one way to tidy your business is to get your staffing "Plan B" in order before any personnel storm. 


How do you do this? Well, here are five tips on solidifying your "Plan B": 


  1. Identify Critical Job Functions: Identify your organization's job functions and roles that are critical to maintaining essential business operations. These may include roles related to customer service, finance, operations, IT support, and other core functions. Assess the potential impact of the absence of individuals in these roles on your business's ability to function effectively.


  1. Cross-Train Employees: Once you've identified critical job functions, develop a cross-training program to ensure multiple employees can perform these tasks. Provide training and resources to employees to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to take on additional responsibilities. Encourage employee teamwork for knowledge sharing and skill development across different departments and teams.


  1. Document Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Document your standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each critical job function, outlining step-by-step instructions, best practices, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Make these SOPs easily accessible to employees through a centralized document repository or knowledge management system. If Tom suddenly quits, you need to explain his duties to the next person fully. Don't wait until a person leaves. Have the procedures ready to go in writing.


7 Steps to Hiring Quality Staff   


  1. Establish Backup Roles and Responsibilities: Establish backup roles and responsibilities for each job. Designate backups or alternates who can step in and assume the tasks of primary role holders in their absence. Communicate these backup assignments to employees and ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities during transitions or emergencies. Also, think about the workload you're putting on the alternate when the new duty arrives on their plate. Prepare for a secondary shift of some responsibilities. That person will need some help.


  1. Test and Evaluate Redundancy Plans: Consider holding an occasional "fire drill" for your team. Walk through various scenarios, such as employee absences, equipment failures, or service disruptions, and assess your team's ability to respond and adapt accordingly. Use feedback from these exercises to identify areas for improvement and refine your redundancy plans as needed.


We all have emergency moments. But planning gets us through them. 


You might read all this and say, "Great, Anne, sounds good, but we're stretched too thin to do any contingency planning. We can hardly get our Plan A satisfied, let alone a Plan B." 


That feeling — that right there! — is actually the whole point of our business. We get it! Yes, that makes perfect sense. You're pulled in too many directions. We were there, too. 


You need a bigger team to help you manage all the duties, but you can't afford to hire a large staff. 


What could you do if you could expand your staff by hiring quality employees at the rate of $9.50 an hour? Would this help? 


Two For One is a Bargain 


That's what we provide. We have a tried-and-true process of learning your specific needs, and then finding top office talent in the Philippines with the skill set and personality you seek to work full-time for you at a bargain price. 


The cost of living is so much less expensive in the Philippines than in the U.S., so the dollars our employees earn are strong in that market, though your hourly commitment remains low. 


We provide our employees with free health and dental insurance, all of which are part of the billing rate. Our VEs are also offered educational scholarship opportunities for their children through HireSmart. 


HireSmart Filipino Scholarships: Airene's story 


When you can add quality employees to your staff at an affordable cost, you can integrate them into your daily Plan A and then actually develop a Plan B to manage emergencies. 


If you want improved control of your office workflow, click here to schedule a chat at your convenience. 


I'm not a particularly fast typist, and this lack of speed proved a blessing in my life. 


In one of my first jobs, I was chosen for a front-desk position instead of the clerical spot I wanted because I couldn't meet the required word count per minute. 


This role assignment helped set my career path. Constant front-desk interaction sharpened my people skills and helped me realize I needed to work face-to-face with others, not sit in the back doing paperwork. Helping people directly is how I shine. 


A simple lesson stuck with me: Match the skill set to the position. 


Employees in your company work daily to meet a variety of needs. You hope all skills match perfectly with the tasks. But assuming this is true won't help your business. You need to know. 


Looking To Increase Your Bottom Line? 


I think of "spring cleaning" in April, not just in my personal life but in many professional ways. Spring is a great time to conduct an organizational structure cleanup. Are employee skills suitably matched to their tasks? 


Here are five steps to organizational structure assessments: 





Is Fear Holding You Back From Big Gains? 




At HireSmart, we serve as your reorganizational ally. If you conduct that skillset assessment in your business, you'll likely find employees bogged down with certain tasks that pull them from their strengths. 


Here are 47 tasks a virtual employee can handle for you 


Blowing up your office with a huge restructuring of job duties is probably not a sound move. Employees don't enjoy too much disruption of their expectations, but if you look closely at your team, you'll most likely identify time and task inefficiencies and wish for improvement. 


Our company helps you clean up those problems by taking time-consuming tasks off your plate and shifting them to high-quality, thoughtful office employees in the Philippines who must go through a rigorous qualifying process to work with you. 


We find your specific needs and search for an employee matching that skill set. You meet three qualified candidates, choose one, and then we train that employee for a week in the terminology and practices of your industry before they onboard with you. 


Our bill rate is $9.50 an hour for a full-time online office employee. For that cost, your virtual employee (VE) will receive free health and dental coverage at no cost to you, opportunities for HireSmart educational scholarships for their children at no cost to you, and ongoing support from our educational team. 


HireSmart Filipino Scholarships — Jonalyn's Story 


You'll also have our ongoing support. We work with you to ensure smooth onboarding and that the arrangement continues to help your business shine. 


Click here if you're interested in chatting with me about this at a convenient time.  


And hey, it took me a minute to type this, but I'm much faster than I used to be. Go Anne! 




The "get-rich-quick" mentality is the source of so many crazy stories, right? It's the realm of bankruptcies, heartbreak, and so much drama. 


The "quick" part is what does people in. Everyone wants to "get rich," but many people lack patience and take terrible risks in hopes of easy riches, then pay a steep price. 


The "get-rich-quick" mentality relies too heavily on luck. I'm the polar opposite. My husband is, too. We are fiscal fundamentalists in a way, obsessively living by a "don't-rely-on-luck" attitude. That mentality has paid off over time. We run six successful businesses and enjoy ourselves immensely. We methodically line up every angle to see what makes sense over the long haul. If it's good up front but bad over the years, we pass. If it hurts others, we pass. 


We know that "getting rich" is not an end goal. It's simply a byproduct of making one solid decision after the next. 


When Tom Quits, Consider a VE Team Instead 


We wish for everyone to let go of "get-rich-quick" mindsets and focus on making intelligent choices consistently. Remember, luck is not a plan. We mentor other business owners in our community on smart, "don't-rely-on-luck" actions. We talk to high school classes about job preparedness, fiscal responsibility, and potential entrepreneurship. 


How can we help others put together the best plan of action in their lives? We don't want to intrude and only help when asked, but we're delighted whenever we have that opportunity. It's a joy to spread the knowledge that's helped us live fulfilling lives. 


Smart choices involve adaptability and a willingness to change with the times. Like you, we see the whirlwind about AI and how it's a "game-changer." But exactly how, right? Many businesses are trying to leverage that technology but with mixed results. 


Hiring is Hard; Here's How We Help   


Meanwhile, there's far less talk about another economic and technological "game-changer," which is far easier to understand and potentially more impactful. 


It's simple: You no longer have to be bound by your geographic labor market and its high costs. Thanks to the Web, you can hire equally talented and responsible office employees from a market with a much lower cost of living. 


For Mark and me, this was truly our "game-changer" financially, and we've shared this with many others over the past decade.  


7 Steps to Hiring Quality Staff  


There's no luck involved. It's all about being logical about leverage. If you can free up labor costs, you have many options for using those saved dollars. How would you allocate $27,000-to-$33,000 per year saved with a virtual employee versus an office hire? Think of what you could do by reinvesting that money in your business. 


Instead of jumping to "Yes" on such a move, first, acknowledge that outsourcing is a modern economic movement. More small and mid-sized businesses are using this staffing leverage to scale up. Now, think of a direction arrow over time. Will this practice increase or decrease? 


We expect it to soar — along with the businesses that use this available leverage. 


I've worked for a decade, finding top talent in the Philippines for U.S. businesses. And my successful placement rate is over 96 percent, the top in the business. Our clients can handle more tasks at less cost, allowing their businesses to grow. 


Anne Lackey's Company Offers a Unique Virtual Solution for Staffing Issues 


"We're probably paying half of what we would pay somebody in the States," said one HireSmart client in the community association management industry. "For me, it's just been peace of mind because stuff we didn't have the bandwidth to do, now we can do it. I've got another body, and I know they're dependable, so we can get stuff done at a fraction of the cost it would have if we were hiring in the States. And they're solid employees. They show up every day, and they do their work, which in this day and age isn't always easy." 


Outsourcing office work with HireSmart Virtual Employees is not some "get-rich-quick" scheme. It's a "use-the-leverage-available" tactic, a simple recognition of what labor forces are at play in 2024 and what benefits are available through a global outlook. 


The Cost Benefits of Hiring Virtually   


When you find quality employees in a less-expensive market, you can pencil in a financial win over the long term. You can also take the burden off your in-office staff, freeing them to pay more attention to your "boots-on-the-ground" in-person work. 


My job is taking the drama out of your hiring process by handling recruitment, testing, evaluating, interviews, and training before you ever work with a virtual employee. If I wouldn't hire the person to work with me on a daily basis, that person wouldn't ever meet you. 


I don't leave hiring to luck. And neither should you. It's good business to check all the boxes. And that's my business — ensuring each factor is considered in a hire. Is this person a good match for you? 


If you want me on that task, I'm on it. Or, if you simply want more details about what virtual hiring entails, click here to pick a time to chat that suits your schedule.  



My "super bowl" is lowercase, not "Super Bowl." It's about chocolate ice cream, not football.  


But with the biggest sporting event of the year coming up, I think about the pressure on the coaches, who are scrutinized by millions. Winning in high-pressure, competitive environments requires a special mix of positive factors, including strategic thinking at the organizational level.  


Have you recruited the right blend of skillsets to win? Have you helped your team members reach their full potential? Do you have an overarching vision you can sell to everyone on your staff so you share a common purpose? How do you keep the organization motivated?  


These questions apply to business owners just as much as football coaches.  


My game is helping owners be strategic in staffing, not just filling vacancies as they occur but planning for the long term. I'm a coach's coach when it comes to hiring. So, let's talk X's and O's.  


Traditionally, companies approach hiring purely as a means to fill vacancies. The tactic solves immediate staffing needs, but it's akin to placing a Band-Aid on a wound that requires stitches.  


Short-term hiring often overlooks the broader picture of the organization's goals, leading to a mismatch between employee skills and the company's evolving needs. This reactive approach can result in a high turnover rate, as employees find their roles misaligned with their career goals.  


Long-term strategic staffing shifts the focus from simply filling positions to developing a comprehensive outlook of where your company is heading and what team members are needed to get there. This approach thoroughly analyzes your organization's long-term goals, the skills necessary to achieve them, and a plan to develop or acquire this talent over time. 



Hiring is Hard; Here's How We Help   



Here are five tips to be on top of your game when it comes to strategic staffing:  





There is no "box" when hiring in today's world  







The Cost Benefits of Hiring Virtually   



Our company isn't just about virtual employees. No, there's a broader goal. We're a business success management company. How do you find success? How do you maintain it? How do you amplify it?  


My husband and I have written books on these topics. We have much to share, and it's a pleasure of mine to talk one-on-one with company owners about all the approaches they can take in the great game of business. If you'd like to chat, click here to pick a suitable time.  


Now pardon me, I'm going to enjoy a "super bowl." Thankfully, it comes more than once a year.  




There's work to do, and you need to hire someone. 


The question is: Do you want a full-time employee, a temp worker, or a contractor — someone to come in, perform a task, and then leave? 


In the online employment world, a "virtual employee" (VE) is full-time, while a "virtual assistant" (VA) is a temp worker or freelancer. 


Both have their place. Your logo needs a redesign, but you don't want to hire a graphic designer full-time to produce the image you need. A VA is perfect for the one-time task, and numerous agencies online offer to connect you with an assistant at a range of prices, depending on their locale and the quality of their previous work. 


In such a case, you don't need to invest in training. You hire a VA for a one-time role. They're likely juggling multiple gigs in addition to yours, and they're not investing all their time in one place, just like the plumber who goes from house to house. 


VAs can also prove worthwhile when you need seasonal help, such as during the Christmas rush. 




Virtual assistants have their place in the economy. But at HireSmart, we leave VAs to other agencies. Instead, we focus on virtual employees (VEs). Why? Well, our strength is relationship-building. And that only comes with investing time in both employees and clients. 


We want every client to have loyal, qualified, emotionally intelligent, and dependable employees who clocks in for you daily, efficiently taking care of your needs. 


Every company needs its stalwarts, its go-to people, and its stars; our business is finding them for you. 




Traditionally, organizations place job postings and seek to hire someone who lives within driving distance of the office. A manager may know someone who is a good fit — a friend of a friend.   


Hiring in-office labor typically limits the geographic radius of the candidate search. The local position also requires a salary aligned with the area marketplace for such roles. Geography and pay narrow the field of potential candidates. 


However, more U.S. small and mid-sized businesses are seeing the bigger picture. You don't have to constrain your search to your immediate surroundings. There's considerable talent abroad: people with a mastery of English, an eagerness to learn, and a great attitude who match the exact skill sets you need. They're available at a fraction of the cost of a U.S. office employee since they live in a country with a lower cost of living than the states. 



Anne Lackey's Company Offers a Unique Virtual Solution for Staffing Issues  





Whether a local hire or a virtual one, a full-time employee holds numerous advantages over short-term help. 


A VE develops an understanding of your company that no VA can provide. The VE learns your processes, terminology, production speed, and culture. Communication with a VA must focus on a specific project, but VEs are determined to rise above their entry-level position, gain new skills, and prove their worth in your organization while handling various tasks over time. 


When VEs reach their goals and are recognized for it, they are loyal, and clients feel that back toward them. A VE is the face you see on screen every day, a presence just like the person in the office you pass in the hall. Managers develop rapport with their VEs just like the in-office employees.   


That connection includes shared knowledge about past work, how it was done, and what needs to happen moving forward. VEs provide contextual knowledge in a way no VA can. 



Here are 47 tasks a virtual employee can handle for you.  





At HireSmart, we've spent nearly a decade finding these high quality VEs in the Philippines. It's what we do. 


We start with input from clients on what they need. What tasks are holding you back from reaching your targets? What duties are ignored due to a lack of staff to tackle the job? 


Every company has an idea of peak performance, but all face impediments to the mountaintop. Yet, some rise higher than others. We love helping businesses climb beyond their competitors by boosting the strength of their staff in the most cost-efficient manner. 



Hiring is Hard; Here's How We Help   


We hold employees to high standards. Only one percent of our applicants make it through our testing, interview, and training process to serve our clients. At the end of our evaluation process, we present clients with three choices for each position. They pick the best fit, and then the employee enters our certification process, learning about their duties with the client. 




We invest in our virtual employees and strive to improve their lives. We provide health and dental insurance at no cost to the VEs. We also offer leadership training opportunities and scholarships for their children. When they're in trouble, we step in to help, such as after Typhoon Rai in 2021, when we assisted 31 families affected by the storm. 


"They (HireSmart) were concerned and checking in to see how we were doing," said Richan after the typhoon. "You know somebody cares, and you can count on them. They really are family!"   



HireSmart Cares Typhoon Assistance — Richan's Story  


The human connection is real, and the VEs prove that daily to our clients, who care for their virtual staff. 


"They're all very sweet, very nice, very caring," said Tony Pinochi, Maintenance Supervisor at Prandi Property Management, about his virtual staff through HireSmart. "They care about what we think about them. They care about their work product. They are hardworking, smart, and diligent. They want to do good for us all the time. And they do. I absolutely love those girls, and I think they're all amazing." 




Do you want to consider hiring VEs to help you scale your business, lighten the load on in-office staff, or tackle tasks that have fallen by the wayside? 


Click here to schedule a free chat with me at your convenience. I'd love to hear how things are going for you and see if we can help you meet your goals and reduce your stress. 


It's what we do. We're good at it, and it's fun. The VE experience truly opens a world of possibility. It can for you, too. 


Employee onboarding is like inviting a new person you recently met to a dinner party at your house. 


And just like hosting a party, you want to make onboarding memorable and enjoyable and leave a lasting impression. 


Along those same lines, building an effective employee onboarding program is like preparing a delightful meal for your new team members.   


Every detail matters when creating a great dinner.  


And every detail that goes into a well-thought-out onboarding program sets the stage for a positive and productive employee experience.   


So, let's draw parallels between serving a delectable meal for new friends and crafting an exceptional onboarding experience for your new hires.  



10 Questions You Must Ask in Every VE Interview 


Choose the Right Ingredients 


When preparing a dinner, you select the finest ingredients that complement each other and contribute to the overall flavor.  


Similarly, a successful onboarding program begins with choosing the correct elements to help new employees adjust to their roles and the company culture.   


These ingredients include:  


Comprehensive Orientation: Provide an in-depth introduction to the company's values, mission, and goals to give employees a sense of purpose and alignment.  


Training and Development: Offer training sessions tailored to individual roles, ensuring new staff have the knowledge and skills necessary to excel.  



Generate More of You: Anne Talks About Hiring VEs on the Property Management Podcast  



Buddying or Mentoring: Pair new employees with experienced colleagues who can guide them through their early days, answering questions and providing support.  


Access to Resources: Equip new hires with the tools, documents, and information they need to hit the ground running.  


Prepare the Ingredients with Care 


Like a good chef paying attention to details while preparing each dish, crafting an onboarding program requires careful planning and execution.   


Your onboarding process should be structured, personalized, and adaptable.   


Consider the following:  


Personalized Approach: Tailor the onboarding experience to each employee's role and background.   


Address their specific needs and interests to make them feel valued.  


Checkpoints and Feedback: Regularly assess the progress of the onboarding process and gather feedback from new hires.   


This helps you make adjustments and improvements as needed.  


Flexibility: Recognize that every new hire is different.   


Allow room for flexibility in the onboarding program to cater to individual learning styles and preferences.  



Check Out Our Hiring Process  



Presentation and Atmosphere Matter 


As a host, you create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your dinner guests.   


Similarly, the onboarding experience should foster a welcoming and positive environment for new employees.  


This can be achieved through:  


Warm Welcome: Extend a heartfelt welcome to new hires when they accept the offer.   


A friendly onboarding team, a welcome package, and a personalized message from you or your manager can make all the difference.  


Introductions: Facilitate introductions to key team members and colleagues, promoting a sense of belonging and camaraderie.  


Company Culture Showcasing: Showcase the company culture through storytelling, team-building activities, and virtual social events.   


This helps new employees quickly integrate into the organizational culture.  


Savor the Experience 


A delightful dinner leaves your guests with a sense of satisfaction and pleasure.   


A well-designed onboarding program gives new employees a positive impression of their new workplace.   


A successful onboarding process leads to the following:  


Reduced Time-to-Productivity: A comprehensive onboarding program equips employees with the necessary knowledge and resources, accelerating their time-to-productivity.  


Increased Retention: Employees who experience a well-structured onboarding process are more likely to feel engaged and committed to the organization, reducing turnover.  


Improved Employee Experience: A positive onboarding experience enhances the overall employee experience, contributing to higher job satisfaction and a sense of loyalty.  



Here Are 10 Ways You can get Your Life Back 



Just as preparing a memorable dinner requires thought, effort, and attention to detail, building an effective employee onboarding program demands a well-designed and strategic approach.   


Selecting the right elements, planning carefully, fostering a welcoming atmosphere, and creating a positive experience set the stage for a successful and long-lasting relationship with your new hires.   


At HireSmart, we know from years of experience that a great onboarding program is the secret ingredient to nurturing a talented and engaged workforce.  


If you're interested in a staffing company that's invested in the success and growth of your organization, click here for a free consultation.   



We wave the flag on July 4, but I spend Thanksgiving feeling patriotic, too, because I give thanks for living in the United States, where we have so many freedoms.

This gratitude comes with a counterbalance: action. Be thankful for the freedom to make choices, and then be ready to act and exercise that freedom.

Don't like where you live? Don't feel your friend group is healthy for you? Not finding satisfaction in what you do for a living? You have the right and, I believe, the duty to thrust yourself into action. You can make things better. You just have to recognize your agency to act and allow yourself to make the necessary move. It's worth it!

I've faced many moments when change felt scary, but I knew I needed to reach for something better. I realized I owed myself the effort, even if I failed. There have been some failures and setbacks, but they've been far outweighed by the good I've found in not settling for less.

HireSmart Virtual Employees is a personal case in point. It's daunting to think about creating an international hiring agency. On top of that, how can we be the best at it?

My husband and I had already made multiple businesses work, but this was a new challenge. We saw the opportunity to bring global hiring to small and mid-sized U.S. businesses. The Web is the great equalizer, and outstanding talent is available at a fraction of the cost of local hires.

Looking to increase your bottom line?

But my goodness, there was homework to do. What is the best country for virtual employees? What are the employment laws there? What are the tax implications? What's the best mechanism for assessing talent? How do we handle HR matters with employees so far away?

We made enormous checklists, consulted so many people, and spent so many hours answering every question we could ask ourselves, poking holes in each other's arguments.

10 Questions You Must Ask in Every VE Interview

After exhaustive up-front work, we established a top-notch system of providing U.S. companies with high-quality employees at a low cost, and we're all about getting the hire right the first time.

Want to Get It Right the First Time?

As part of our process, we provide 40 hours of live and pre-recorded sessions to teach industry-specific skills and certify every employee our client selects. We've done this for over eight years for hundreds of businesses and have a high success rate. Of course, if you're in that small percentage where it doesn't work out, we will replace the employee under the guarantee and work with you to get it right. We're committed to you and ensuring your best experience.

Our business is about taking stress away from business owners and managers.

All it takes is recognition that the job market has expanded. You now have options globally. In addition, you have easy access to quality employees abroad through us because we've taken care of the hard stuff.

We save businesses an average of $27,000-to-$33,000 per employee per year. The savings mean owners can scale their operations and take on tasks that were put on the back burner.

If you're looking for greater peace of mind, consider taking action to improve your situation. That's why we're here. We help businesses find success. We'd love to help you, too.

Click to schedule a chat with me at your convenience.

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