HireSmart VE: A Role Model in Mental Health Service


Naneth Martizano may be far away physically, but she's always close at hand for her mental health clients in the U.S. 


The HireSmart Filipino virtual employee serves as a client care manager for a private U.S. mental health agency and treats clients with support and empathy. Naneth earned the "2023 HireSmart Virtual Employees' Service' Award" for her dedication to serving others. 


"I answer phone calls and emails and offer direct support for the clients whenever they reach out to inquire about therapy," she said, adding that she also manages three other HireSmart Filipino client care specialists with her agency. 


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Naneth's U.S. business client recognized her for her "consistent commitment to going above and beyond," as well as her "proactive approach, attention to detail, and dedication to delivering exceptional results." 


The standout VE lost her mom when she was 13 and cares for others dealing with pain in their lives. She not only serves her U.S. clients but also provides for two brothers who are still in school. She has five brothers and a sister and enjoys cooking for her siblings. 


"Though we don't have our parents anymore, we still have love," she said. "We're always connecting with each other and making sure that we bond. Our schedules are pretty busy, but we still find time to watch movies together and go out and do things." 


Naneth considers it an honor to work in support of clients in the U.S. struggling with their mental health. 


"Every day, I'm privileged to contribute to an environment that prioritizes care, empathy, and support," she said, adding that the mental health agency provides a "supportive and collaborative environment." 


Want More Shining Lights on Your Staff? 


The mental health support team member recalled a particularly angry client who expressed extreme frustration related to a care matter. 


"I connected with her and ensured her that her feelings are valid," said Naneth. "She let her feelings out. And then I provided her all of the information she needed. After she vented, she mentioned that we were very helpful in addressing her concern and that she was very sorry that she was angry when she initially reached out. I was so happy we could relieve the client's feelings." 


Naneth urges her fellow HireSmart virtual employees to be passionate about their work. 


"Love what you're doing and put your heart into every action because it contributes to the success of the client that we're serving and the company we're serving," she said. "Always remember that your efforts are making a difference, and it will contribute not just to your professional growth but also to your personal attributes." 


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Naneth said working with HireSmart provides security in a growing and competitive online working world. 


"There's a spike of freelancers, so it's everywhere, and the competition is very high (for remote jobs)," she said. "It's good to have a company or agency to support you whenever you have any concerns. There are a lot of agencies handling virtual employees now, but there are some that are not that good with the process. But I think with HireSmart, it's very smooth, and they're very collaborative as well with a friendly atmosphere." 


HireSmart Virtual Employees has connected U.S. clients with Filipino employees like Naneth for a decade. We commit to finding bright, thoughtful, hard-working employees who provide value to any team. That's our specialty, and it's all about process. We meet with you, and then we search for an employee whose skillset and personality specifically match your needs. 


We never stray from our core values and expect nothing less from all of our employees. Our success only happens if we boost your success with improved time management options, increased productivity, cost savings, and greater peace of mind. 


Beyond Words: Turning Your Company’s Core Values into Daily Actions   


We'd love to chat if you want to learn more about bringing a service-minded Naneth to your team. Click here to set up an appointment at your convenience. 

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