Is Your Workplace Missing the Fun Factor?

Play teaches young children cause and effect. Hey, if I squeeze this rubber duck, it squeaks. Isn't that funny? If I stack these blocks high, they'll probably fall. But if I place them carefully, they might not. 


A child's curiosity fuels their mental growth through imaginative play. 


But people often seem stripped of this instinct over time. Play gives way to pure utility. Gotta eat. Gotta have a roof over me and a vehicle to get places. The idea of play seems relegated to a past life as if the young one was a completely different person than the adult we've become. 


But the instinct remains. We seek novelty, entertainment, and fun. We are creatures of play, all of us, even if the pressures of life overwhelm that sensibility at times. 


Ready for Fun? Here's How to Prepare Your Business 


Business owners need to be mindful of this simple fact. Everyone in your organization was a kid and still holds some of that old playfulness in their heart, though their body has aged. 


How can you engage the curiosity within each of them? 


Here are some thoughts: 


  • First, Hire That Way: Seek out the playful at heart. When looking for new employees, prioritize the inquisitive — those interested in learning rather than those trying to impress you by being interesting. Ultimately, the truly interesting people are outward-facing and not ego-driven.


  • Second, Encourage a Playful Environment: Create a workspace that encourages creativity and experimentation. This could mean having open spaces for brainstorming, offering flexible working hours, or even something as simple as having a variety of puzzles or brain games available in the break room. The key is to create an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable expressing their ideas and exploring new possibilities.


  • Third, Promote Continuous Learning: Encourage your team to pursue new skills and knowledge through workshops, seminars, or even allowing time for self-guided learning during work hours. Continuous learning keeps the mind engaged and playful.


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  • Fourth, Don't Linger on Failures: Treat failure as just another step towards success. Encourage a culture where mistakes are learning opportunities rather than setbacks. This approach will allow your team to take risks and innovate without fear of criticism.


  • Fifth, incorporate play into work processes: Sometimes, the best way to solve a problem is by not thinking about it directly. Encourage your team to take breaks and talk about hobbies, books, television shows, or anything not work-related. These activities pull thoughts in a new direction and lead to unexpected insights and solutions.


  • Finally, lead by example: Let your employees see your curiosity at play. Share your learning experiences, participate in fun activities, and show enthusiasm for new ideas. Your attitude influences the overall culture of your organization.


Recognize that play is a powerful tool in the business world. It can lead to a more engaged, creative, and productive team. A place that values play and curiosity is somewhere people want to be. It helps in recruitment and retention. Such a work environment ties us to a basic childlike instinct: We want fun. We want to play! 


Help your team feel that way. 


That's where we can help you. It's hard for employees to be playful if they're overwhelmed with tasks. Often, we're too swamped with mundane duties to engage with the fun parts of our jobs. 


Do You Need a Way Out Of Conflict? 


But what if you can shift your best employees' hours in a positive direction, giving them more freedom to engage their creative sides? 


HireSmart is a business success management service, not just a virtual employee agency. We help business owners improve their workflow at a low cost, which means onsite employees have a better overall experience. When employees produce, have fun, and engage in creative thought, businesses thrive, which makes any owner happy. 


Our Filipino virtual employees (VEs) are at the top of the industry because we have the most extensive vetting process of any outsourcing agency. I've spent a decade developing my "Anne-alytics" process, and I oversee every hire, meaning that if I wouldn't hire the person to work directly for me, I won't let that person ever meet you. 


Want To Turn 'I'm Leaving' Texts Into 'I'm On It' Replies? 


Only one percent of our VE applicants pass through our rigorous process, but the ones who do are special. 


Here's what one of our property management clients said about her virtual employee, Lucky. 


"She learns quickly and can share what she has learned with others," said the client. "She has become a master of the banking portal and can assist with a variety of complicated questions. She is friendly and popular with our residents, to the point that sometimes when I answer the phone, they sound disappointed and say they were hoping for Lucky again…Thank you for finding her for us." 


If you're interested in adding highly vetted, skilled employees to your workforce at a bill rate of $9.50 an hour, click here to schedule a chat.  


Creativity is fun, right? That's true in childhood and far beyond. We'd love to work with you on creative solutions for your office needs. Let's have some fun! 


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