Want To Spice Up Your Work Environment?

When you think about your last vacation, what comes to mind? The relaxation, the adventure, the quality time with loved ones? While the experience is certainly the main event, another aspect of vacations often gets overlooked: the power of anticipation. 


That period of looking forward to something good, imagining the possibilities, and planning for the fun — it's a special kind of joy that can boost our happiness and productivity. And it's not just limited to vacations. As a business owner, you can create an environment of positive anticipation in your workplace daily. 


At HireSmart, we've seen firsthand how excitement and forward momentum can transform a team. I love to visualize good things that will happen, so I want my team to do the same. When your employees have something to look forward to — a big project launch, a team-building event, or even just a virtual coffee chat with a colleague — they're more engaged, motivated, and productive. 


Are You in Tune With Your Team? 


So, how can you harness the power of anticipation in your business? Here are a few tips and tricks: 


  • Set Clear, Exciting Goals: Give your team something to strive for by setting clear, measurable, and, most importantly, exciting goals. Whether hitting a sales target, launching a new product, or improving customer satisfaction scores, paint a clear picture of success and how you'll celebrate when you get there.


  • Celebrate Milestones Along the Way: Don't wait until the finish line to recognize progress. Break big goals into smaller milestones and take time to acknowledge and celebrate each. This keeps the momentum going and gives your team more frequent opportunities to anticipate and savor success.


  • Create Regular Moments of Joy: Anticipation doesn't always have to be about big, long-term goals. You can create mini moments of anticipation throughout the week or month. Maybe it's a fun-themed Zoom meeting every Friday, a monthly virtual game night, or a daily ritual like sharing wins or why you're grateful. Give your team something to look forward to regularly.


Want More Shining Lights on Your Staff? 


  • Encourage PTO Planning: Urge your employees to plan and look forward to their time off. Encourage them to share their vacation plans with the team and discuss what they're excited about. Create a culture that values and anticipates fun times outside of work.


  • Don't Forget the Power of Surprise: Throw in an unexpected treat or celebration. Maybe it's a surprise half-day off, a gift card for a job well done, or even an impromptu shout-out on the company communication channel. When your team knows that good things can happen at any moment, they approach each day with a sense of positive anticipation.


One way our clients create anticipation environments is by partnering with HireSmart's virtual employees. When you have reliable, skilled VEs on your team, it frees up your in-house staff to focus on the exciting projects they can really sink their teeth into and look forward to. 


Want To Turn ‘I’m Leaving’ Texts Into ‘I’m On It’ Replies? 


Here's what a couple of our clients say about how VEs have helped their onsite team reduce stress and enjoy life. 


"Abby is full-on amazing!" her client said. "She logs in 10-15 minutes early every single day for her shift and she stays late or will ask to work on a weekend to make sure all her tasks are done so that all our clients are serviced. She has learned all of our client brands and makes absolutely amazing graphics for them. She has mastered multi-tasking and learned how to triple check her work for errors. I can walk away and know that our clients are in excellent hands with Abby at the helm." 


"April consistently goes above and beyond to deliver on her committed assignments," said her client. "One of her standout qualities is her ability to adapt and quickly grasp new concepts and technology. Her dedication has helped our company bring in leads outside of professional referrals. She has taken ownership of seeking leads in LinkedIn with the sales navigator tool by dedicating time daily to search for leads that match our niche profile." 


When your team knows they have the support they need to take real breaks, dream big, and focus on the parts of their job that truly light them up, magic happens. They start to approach each day not with dread or drudgery but with a sense of possibility and purpose. 


So, as you plan for the months ahead, consider how you can weave more anticipation into your workplace. 


Are You a World Builder in the Business Realm? 


If you're ready to explore how VEs can help you create a more anticipation-filled, engaging workplace, click here to schedule a consultation. 


And hey, what are your vacation plans? What do you picture? I'd love to hear and imagine that scene, too. 



Anne + The HireSmart Team 


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